Adam Lambert Has Been Hoping to Be on Glee For Over A Year! Will He Be Pole Dancing??

This Swedish interview may be a year old, but I just found it. Based on their conversation, I’m trying to do some detective work to figure out when it was filmed. But, since it’s from Sweden, who knows if their release dates (Trespassing) were the same as the USA. It was filmed prior to Adam’s European summer shows with Queen, but after his first solo appearance with them at the European MTV Video Awards. Trespassing hadn’t come out yet, and he was hopeful about concentrating on his music and putting a Trespassing tour together.

Swedish UP CLOSE

At 7:49 the interviewer asks him about appearing on Glee. Adam’s response? “No official offers, but I will say, I think it’s a great show and um, I’d love to come sing on the show. That’d be great! Yeah. Maybe you could call them for me?!”

From reading some of the comments below the video, it seems Adam was sick during this interview, but being the pro that he is, didn’t disappoint anyone. I remember how he had the flu during the costume dedication at the San Diego Hard Rock Hotel, and still did his best to reward the fans who came, including Lila and me. If you look dead center, you’ll see us.

Adam Lambert, Lila & me at SD Hard Rock costume dedication

We have one more week to wait to see Adam on Glee again. The show revealed that he won’t be on for the two episodes after his debut, including tonight’s, but will be on next week’s episode titled “Frenemies.” This just in – Adam and Kurt are doing pole dancing! Read more here.

Next Thursday is Thanksgiving, and next to family and health, the support from all of our readers and Adam on the pole is next on my list of things to be thankful for!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. oh, PLEASE let there be pole dancing. There just wasn’t enough of the chandelier swinging!!!

  2. Jimmie Osborn says

    I just saw that Adam will be performing at a benefit for the Trevor Project with lots of other celebs:… Might we get lucky with video?

    • Serena White says

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