Adam Lambert Had Covid?!?

I read a really good article from Mercedes-AMG, that went deeper into what’s going on inside Adam Lambert’s head about various things than anything I’ve read before, but the thing that really popped out is he said “On a personal level, I got Covid last year and it was scary.” Did we know this?

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The article says his age was 39, so I don’t know if it was written in 2021 so “last year” would have been 2020, or was it in 2022, but before his January 29 birthday, so the Covid would have been in 2021. Either way, I’m so thankful he’s okay.

Here’s the beginning, and click the link at the end to continue.

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More than an icon


As a global music icon and frontman of one of the biggest rock bands in the world, AMG sits down with Adam Lambert to discuss the thrill of performance, how he handled the pressure of stepping into the shoes of Freddie Mercury, and the importance of pushing yourself beyond your profession.

“It’s thrill seeking,” Adam Lambert says over Zoom, ruminating upon his most cherished aspects of performing live. The Queen frontman is sitting in his living room wearing a pair of tinted, electric yellow glasses that, as he says, are being used to hide the signs of his third day of jet lag – the peak of tiredness, he attests. Within moments of joining the call, it’s clear that Lambert weaves aspects of his performance into his personality, or rather, his personality is what makes his on-stage performances come alive.

Most musicians will often go into great detail about how thrilling it is to play in front of a packed out stadium, but Adam Lambert isn’t most musicians. And neither is the 39-year-old’s story of his rapid rise to fame one that you hear very often. After the world witnessed his raw talent on the US TV show American Idol in 2009, and saw how the stage seemed to be a natural extension of his existence, a pulse of excitement began to beat under the surface of the singer’s future.Only a couple of years after finishing as a runner-up on the show, Lambert joined the iconic British band Queen as their new singer, slipping into the shoes of the great Freddie Mercury. Alongside bandmates Bryan May and Roger Taylor, Lambert’s journey has taken him to every corner of the world, it has formed who he is today, and proved that his purpose is rooted in performance.

And now, the singer’s career stretches far beyond music. Lambert is using his talent to channel his creativity into various avenues – notably, writing musicals and experimenting with various genres. But he also uses his platform as a global icon to shed necessary light on issues that affect queer folk all around the world. Launching the Feel Something Foundation in 2019, Lambert created an organisation that supports members of the LGBTQ+ community from all backgrounds and ages. Since American Idol back in 2009, Adam Lambert has fast become not only a leader in the music industry, but an inspiration for using popularity and media attention to dig deep into problems of the present and make the world a better place for the future.

In an exclusive interview with the Queen frontman and philanthropist, AMG discovers all about Adam Lambert’s journey to where he is today, the morals and values that produce industry leaders, and how performance can lead to self-discovery…

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  1. What a great interview. It wasn’t one of those with all of the canned questions. Good find!