Adam Lambert Gets Ready to Rock and . . . Roll Out With Queen

Adam Lambert is in London right now. We know this from some Instragram shots he posted today. He’s most likely there to begin rehearsing with Brian May and Roger Taylor as they get ready for their November 1 debut in Prague for the European/UK leg of the Queen + Adam Lambert tour.

The following video is tour promo from last April and some of the dates shown at the end are different.

The 2nd leg of the News Of The World Tour runs through December 16, closing in Birmingham, after three nights in London’s biggest arenas. They pick up again for the New Zealand/Australian 3rd leg on February 24, 2018 running through March 6. Hopefully we’ll have Adam’s 4th album before then!! 🙂

The following interview from Poland is unique. It was translated from Adam’s English to Polish, and then back to English again via Google Translate. The wording is a bit awkward, but very entertaining. Not knowing if everyone can access it through the link, I’ll print the whole article here, but click this link to gain additional information. You may need to hit the Translate This Video button once you do!

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Adam Lambert of Queen: a good time appetite

By Pawel Piotrowicz

He is 35 years old and is the lead singer of Queen + Adam Lambert, founded by Roger Taylor and Brian May, half of the original Queen band. He recorded three solo albums, filled with a hit mix of pop, funky, rock and dance music: “For Your Entertainment” (2009), “Trespassing” (2012) and “The Original High” (2015). Not only does he sing, but he also writes music and lyrics, he also has experience as a musical actor. He won eight years ago when he took second place on American Idol.
Asked about his greatest inspirations, Adam Lambert mentions Michael Jackson, Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Timbaland, No Doubt, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and of course Queen.
Private is a homosexual, openly speaking in interviews about his preferences.
On the 6th of November, “Glambert”, because it is called by fans, will perform in Poland with Queen + Adam Lambert, this time in Lodz Atlas Arena.

Pawel Piotrowicz: You are coming from Queen to Poland for the fourth time. Have you had some memorable memories from your previous visits?
Adam Lambert: First and foremost, I have the impression that there is no other such audience anywhere in the world. When I sing with you, I feel the great love of the fans and their great commitment to the show. You know the words of the songs, you react spontaneously and you are wonderful.

You may very often hear questions about the possibility of recording a new album with the band …
All the time. [laugh]

Since that has not happened so far, I suppose there is not much chance for it. I’m right?
In fact, we do not have such plans at the moment, but I can not say that it is impossible for us to never do something together. We love each other and we feel fantastic in our company, and as we travel around the world, we know for sure how to play together. I think new music is a matter of doing the right thing at the right time, for the right reasons.

Righteous, that is …
Sincere, resulting from artistic motives. But it may not be the whole album, and some single or EP. On the other hand, we have the opportunity to play the most incredible music in history. How to break it? [Laughter] We will see what the future will bring.

You say you have great relationships with Brian May and Roger Taylor. You are friends?
Definitely, we are really good with each other. We trust. You know, we’ve been working with each other for five years now, and we’re not spending time on the stage, but also outside, on the road or eating out. We also meet off the road. Our team is like a family and I am very grateful for this friendship. Of course, Brian and Roger are my heroes and idols, rock’n’roll kings, so while staying with them, I’m always inspired. I learned a lot from them.

What exactly?
Good question. I can hardly point out one thing, since there are so many.[Laughs] Sure enough they gave me a glimpse of music and approach to the fans. They just know what is the most important thing for them, what is the best way to play a song. I try to listen to it and absorb as much as possible.

Did you ever dream of Freddie Mercury? And if so, maybe you had an interesting conversation with him?
I do not think I ever have a dream about Freddie … I often feel that I am really lucky to be able to sing songs that he also wrote. Queen is a band that over the years still has a lot of people to say, so I thank the universe for supporting his musical life and giving the world the torch he has held for so many years. I know that many things that this team did and that Freddie gave about life, love and the world, have a timeless and universal dimension.

Freddie Mercury loved life, music, his audience, and crazy parties.Actually it was hard to dislike him. Which of his attributes or attributes best suits you?
I also like to party! [Laughs] I often hear from Brian and Roger that I would probably agree with Freddie, because both of us have a good appetite.Personally, apart from the musical values and unique voice, his humor is most appropriate. It is easy to spot them, watching interviews or even snippets of concerts showing his free and spontaneous behavior on stage. He was really very funny and proper he did what he wanted. He was a free man.I like this idea, being a hundred percent free.

You are not?
I hope I am.

Remember the crazy party you were on?
I’ve been on so many times …

Choose one.
Too much, really! [laugh]

What is your typical day? If you have any …
I do not have a typical, but if it’s free, I love walking in Los Angeles and having lunch and dinner with friends. And of course evening parties. When I’m not on the road or in the studio, I really have a very normal life. And then I get into a private jet with Brian and Roger and I’m entering a completely different world. But I love both parts of my life. I think balance is very important.

If you wrote the song “Adam Lambert”, how would she sound?
I do not think I would be able to write such a thing. If it had already, it would have very diverse parties, sections and harmonies, because I do not think I would be one-sided or monotonous. She would be cheerful, then sad, next funny, then a little lazy, then fast, twisted and somewhat sentimental. And she would be very happy.

Is there something you regret?
Not very … Maybe in twenty years, I’ll come up with an idea that I can regret, but now … Come on man! [laugh]

We talk shortly after the tragedy in Las Vegas, when the madman killed several dozen people participating in the concert from the hotel window. Attacks accompanying musical events happen unfortunately more and more often. How do you feel when you see such pictures – as an artist, but above all a man?
I feel terrible and I feel very sorry for the victims and their families. It’s terrible to shoot people who come to the concert to be part of the audience, to sing with each other, to enjoy and enjoy the excitement. There are not as many beautiful pictures, and it is very bad that someone has turned it into such a tragedy. I like to think that there are many more good people in the world than the bad ones.

And is President Trump a good man or a bad guy?
Sorry, but I’m not going to answer the political questions in the Queen interview.

You have been talking openly about your homosexuality for years. Is your approach to sexual minorities becoming increasingly tolerant?
On the contrary, with the development of extreme right-wing movements, it is definitely worse. I believe this is changing positively, but I think we will really feel it in the next generation. At least I hope, especially when I look at young people and their openness to the world, not always obvious in older people.
It is important for me to remember that homosexuality is only one part of the personality and therefore people should not share or make them hate each other. Sexuality is not everything, just a piece of what we are. It certainly is not part of our spirit or soul. It seems to me that people are beginning to learn that the most important thing in life is to be happy. And in general, life is like, whatever that means. More and more people are realizing that in a world where there is so much darkness, evil, bustle and turmoil, there are far more dangers than the one who loves and who is sleeping.

Could you identify the most beautiful woman in the world?
Again you asked me a question I can not answer unequivocally. [Laughter] Lots of beautiful women, because they are beautiful by nature. This is a really big question that no one has ever asked me before, so I feel a lot of pressure … Let me answer you next time. [laugh]

Your third album “The Original High” was released two years ago. Apparently, the fourth one will be more experimental. What does it mean?
I do not know if the experimental term is the most accurate, but actually many of the songs sound different, with a slightly more alternative tone and a more extensive instrumental base … I use a lot more guitars than my previous album. Over the years I’ve been working with music, with different people, and I have really great songs. The prospect of sharing them with the world is very exciting to me. Soon.

Do you feel you are developing?
I have no other choice. For me being an artist is a constant study and discovery of something new, a way to find new ways to say something that may have already been said or someone else said. Of course you can stick to one style and in many cases it works well from a business point of view – you have your brand, people like you know and recognize, there is nothing to change it. But I personally was always inspired by the artists who were moving forward, developing and continually doing something new.

Such as Freddie Mercury and the whole Queen.
I think so. You will look at their catalog, you will find that they always tried something new and inspired each style properly. They had heavier and more metal songs, and they were also pop songs. Their music was a place for jokes, mysterious and aggressive, for musicality, drama and theater, for sorrow and joy. They used different voices while retaining full credibility. That is why they were a fantastic team.

Which Queen song is the most difficult to sing?
I think it varies depending on the evening. “The Show Must Go On”, “Who Wants to Live Forever”, also very demanding, and “Another One Bites the Dust,” by his aggressive vocal part that takes a lot of energy.

Do you have a favorite song?
I would not be able to choose one. I love them all!

Is there a chance in Lodz to present some less well known songs that even Queen with Freddie Mercury rarely played at concerts?
Are you wondering if there will be surprises? If I said, they would stop being them. [Laughs] Of course we will put on the biggest hits that we love to play, and the audience can not go without them, but I guarantee you that the concert will be different than the previous one. Not only because we like to change the order of songs or play a song differently or even find something less obvious. We put a lot of time and effort into making our concerts not only sound but also looking different – new visual elements such as lights, stage design, decorations will appear. Queen concerts are also a fresh and exciting experience for us.

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  1. Saw Queen + Adam Lambert in 2014. Went and saw Queen + Adam Lambert again in August 2017. The new stage events are out of this world. The show was fabulous. Would see them again & again. Can never get enough of Adam Lambert.

  2. I had so much fun at his last concert!!! Are Adam Lambert and Queen going to tour in the USA again for 2018??? and I can hardly wait to hear his next album!!!!!!!

  3. Excellent, thanks Carol. I look forward to seeing videos of the concerts and hearing about his album.

  4. It is so cool that Adam is with Queen. They couldn’t get anyone better. I am so glad for you Adam! Love you! Thank-You Carol.