Adam Lambert Gets Personal on Glee

It was so refreshing to have Adam Lambert back on our TV screens this week on Glee. The highlight was his rock-out performance of I Believe In a Thing Called Love with Chris Colfer.

Glee Kurt and Elliott

Adam also had a great amount of dialog. He’s really adapting to small screen acting. He showed humor and a wicked dominance! I hope a big deal isn’t made of his peck on Kurt’s cheek. Thank goodness Blaine knew it wasn’t anything. Or did he?? Adam’s character, Elliott Starchild, differs from Adam a bit. He wears much less make-up than Adam. It’s the least we’ve ever seen on him!

With Glee focusing more on their New York characters, we certainly hope Elliott Starchild is here to stay. Next year will be Glee’s final season, and with more of the character’s graduating, we hope they’ll head to New York.

From the end-of-show preview for next week, it looks like Rachel (Lea Michele) is asking to move in with Elliott. Do you think he’ll go for it?

Now for some fun! Did you catch all the personal references into his own life? Watch the footage below and see how many you catch. I get 4.

Love ya! (and Adam on Glee!!)

~ Carol ~

Thanks Adrienn K for the video and Adam Lambert fan Facebook for the picture!

Adam Lambert in Glee S05E09 from Adrienn K on Vimeo.

Okay Glamberts, what personal life references did you catch? I found:
1. Kurt questioning Elliott “Andy Cohen-style” referring to Adam’s appearance on Watch What Happens Live.
2. Adam and Elliott both started in 5th grade in You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown. Linus, Schroeder – oh well, close enough!
3. Adam and Elliott both took singing lessons (but I don’t remember anything about Adam taking piano or guitar).
4. T Rex album – both Adam and Elliott love the band – “Be still my Glam heart!!” (and mine too!!)

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  1. one good woman says

    I can’t wait for next week’s episode. I hope Adam will have as much dialogue then as he did this week. I definitely hope he sings again.

    • ivonlambert says

      Yaayyaaay….. YES!
      He will be singing 4 songs on Glee’ Trio’ episode :
      The Happening (Glee Cast Version. feat. Adam Lambert and Demi Lovato)
      Barracuda (Glee Cast Version. feat. Adam Lambert)
      Gloria (Glee Cast Version. feat. Adam Lambert)
      Hold On (Glee Cast Version. feat. Adam Lambert and Demi Lovato)
      (Infos from @fyeahgleeclub)
      <3 <3 <3

  2. OMG ivonlambert…..I am so excited. I thought he was singing only one song with Lea next week, Barracuda. This is wonderful. I can’t wait.

    I saw two of the refernces on Glee, Charlie Brown and the T-rex. The singing lessons I wasn’t sure of and I missed the first one you caught.

  3. I worried about the “kiss” so much, but I thought it was tastefully done. I would have eliminated it. My husband would just shake his head and walk away. But they didn’t over due it. I would have been mad.

  4. Thanks for the video, since we don’t have cable TV yet since the Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan. It’s my first time to see Adam in GLEE. My dream to have Adam in TV or in a movie did come true. Oh, Adam, I love you soo. You’re soo good to eat and hear. Ha-ha. Just simply eye and ear candy !

  5. Adamicted says

    OMG, OMG, OMG…LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Adam on Glee! He’s a natural for the the show with the talent he has! I can’t wait to next weeks 4 songs…are you kidding me…I”M OVER THE MOON EXCITED! Thank you Ivanlambert for sharing this wonderful news. It has pick a “Kick” into my steps! Adam looks amazing! He’s so” GORGEOUS”, & he looks & acts Genuine! He rocks!

  6. In addition to his stellar performing abilities, Adam is a darn good actor, too! So amazing! So handsome! Adam is just an all-out WOW.

  7. Patricia E Ramsey says

    So happy to see this excerpt…..very good acting along with excellent singing. Adam seems to improve with each performance. I always thought he will be a mega star!