EDIT VERSION: Adam Lambert Finally Puts a Rockstar on GLEE!

Adam Lambert’s final appearance on this season of Glee set the record straight – he was born to be a Rockstar. Not only was he speaking as Elliott (Starchild) Gilbert but also as himself. The world’s latest proof of this comes from one of the most iconic bands in music today – Queen! Their repeated choice of Adam to be their lead singer speaks volumes. But, back to Glee.

GLEE final

On this week’s Glee, Adam sung a fantastic version of A Great Big World’s Rockstar with Chris Colfer (Kurt). I’ve been looking for versions of this containing quality video, but haven’t found one yet. So, I filmed it off my TV, and here it is for you, along with a second video of Adam’s dialog scene with Darren Criss (Blaine). I know the quality isn’t great, but it’s the best I could give you. ***EDIT NOTES: FOX IMMEDIATELY BLOCKED MY VIDEOS WORLDWIDE – NOW I KNOW WHY I COULDN’T FIND THEM TO POST!EVENTUALLY THEY’LL ALLOW IT. KEEP CHECKING BACK FOR UPDATES!

Check out Adam’s expression when Blaine tosses out a comment about Starchild’s perfect hair. And I dare you not to break out in a grin at the Glitter-rock Vampire talk!! Ryan Murphy and the Glee writers must think so highly of Adam to personally tailor the dialog to him. Aw, everybody falls in love with Adam Lambert after they meet him!

Yes, our hearts are breaking as this was Adam’s last scheduled appearance on Glee. His TV acting has improved to the point where he looks so natural, unlike his Pretty Little Liars’ episode. We can only hope that he is brought back for the next and final season of Glee, as the show will be concentrating the storylines on the New York characters and away from McKinley High. They left the door wide open with no conclusion to Elliott/Starchild, or Demi Lovato’s character either, for that matter. And when next season is done, could there be a spin-off? I saw Lea Michele (Rachel) on TV last week and she said how much she loves the show and was hoping Ryan Murphy would give her one. So, we’ll cross our fingers and wish for anything that brings Adam back to TV!

And speaking of wishes, I’d like to take a moment to wish one of my very best friends in the world and my partner on this site Lila, a Very Happy Birthday! Today is Lila’s birthday and I know you all share in wishing her great joy! Give her a shout-out in the comments and on twitter @lliillaa. 🙂

Love ya!

~ Carol

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  1. Yvonne (aka) Glammer. says

    I’m in Australia and your vid. says…..”This video contains content from “FOX”, who has blocked it on copyright grounds”…..so I shall see if I can watch it on You Tube.
    and here’s hoping the Queen tour will come to New Zealand and Australia….We all miss Adam “down under’……

  2. Adamicted says

    Yes Yvone you are correct…its blocked BUT “Thanks a million Carol” & all other contributor for keeping the spot light on our Gorgeous & over the moon talented Adam!
    We ALL appreciate it way more then you know! I heard Adam singing.. .Better then I Know Myself” in the Staples store today & it made my heart dance with joy!!!! Anytime I hear him sing on TV or radio… other then from my car (which is EVERYDAY) makes me
    very happy! WE NEED MORE OF THAT!!! Hoping with this tour with Queen that it will give him the exposure & much needed recognition to help him become a main stream on radio play! Front Man for QUEEN…has to say something to the masses!!!!
    His amazing pipes need to knock more peoples socks off!!
    I can hardly wait to see Adam with Queen here in Vancouver, Canada on June 28….
    a dream come true for me!
    Keep up the great work Carol!!
    “Happy, Happy Birthday Lila…CHEERS to you”!!! 🙂

  3. glamity58 says

    Happy Birthday Lila! Adam was fabulous on Glee and I wish he was a regular. Better yet he should get his own show. He is too good not to be on TV often. Can’t wait for the Queen show although I’m bummed I got duped on the tickets. Way too much money for sitting too far back.

    • Lila Hayes Zubik says

      Thank you! Glee is a popular show. I’d be surprised if they don’t try to capitalize on it.

      • I like Adam and sort of like Glee but I think the show has really lost its luster and edge. I think it is the writing, it is really average compared to the first two years. The songs and performances are great but the show itself is becoming boring and predictable.


  5. When I just tried to watch them, they played fine on my desktop computer. Add a comment if you’re able to see them or not, and what version you’re on – desktop, mobile or tablet? Thanks!

  6. Mary Virsila says

    If anyone was born to be a rockstar it is Adam Lambert. He is the whole package. Can never get enough of him, he is so amazing. Here’s hoping the tour with Queen gets him the attention he so deserves. Counting down the days to July 12th to see him with Queen in detroit. Thank you for all the news about Adam, we love it. A big Happy Birthday Lila!!!

  7. The Fox powers-that-be are idiots, imho. By allowing you to post their vids here, they are only ensuring that a few more people are going to tune into GLEE. I guess they have just SO many viewers that they don’t need anymore.

    Thanks SO MUCH for your continued, undying dedication to this website Carol, Lila, and all that are involved. We all went through kind of an Adam lull – but you stuck it out! And now with the Queen concert coming up – well, all systems are GO, GO, GO!!!~

  8. Ronnette says

    I saw with Darren Criss (I can’t remember what show) and he commented that Adam would be on next season. Well, I certainly hope so. I never watched Glee until Adam came on the show.

    • Ronnette says

      correction on my post above – I saw an interview with Darren Criss. Ooops

    • I’ve read conflicting info about the show, The producer said next year was most likely the last but I also read nothing was confirmed from FOX side. Not sure what to believe. I know ratings have dipped and not sure how expensive it is to create the show, Lots of actors and musical numbers must really add to cost with copy rights and all. Example every time Happy Birthday is used in a show it is $1500.00 per episode and a license agreement has to be signed by Warner/Chappell(use in DVD, etc.). So the songs they use are cover songs so cost has to be quite expensive.