Adam Lambert Drops VELVET Release Date!!

The Tweet says it all!!

***Adam edited his Tweet. The original contained links for Amazon/Google digital pre-orders, and one marked Physical, which took you to his label, Empire. Only the Empire link remains, so I’ve included the other links for you.

I just ordered the digital download from Amazon and it was $4.99. If you click on the Physical link to order an actual CD, it goes to his label’s website – Empire. From them you’re going to pay $10 for Side A, plus a $5 shipping charge.

And the listing of songs and writers for Side A.

Then after scrolling down in Adam’s tweets, I found this from ADAM LAMBERT DAILY – it appears to be the full listing of tracks from both Side A and Side B. However, things may change!

Here’s more from Billboard.

Wake me up . . . When September Comes!! (Thanks Green Day!)

Love ya!
~ Carol ~

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  1. Can’t wait for his new music. Love what he has already released .

  2. Michele Buchamer says

    I am over the moon EXCITED!!!!
    This was a shot in the arm that I needed. I always look forward to ANYTHING Adam creates. He ROCKS!!

  3. Lila Hayes Zubik says

    Four years in the making! Glad he finally got it out the door!