Adam Lambert Displays Opera Chops During QAL Concert!

Adam Lambert sang Puccini’s Nessun Dorma to the Queen+Adam Lambert audience last night in Bologna, Italy. The responses coming in around the world are stunning!

Screen shot by Carol Hagey
Screen shot by Carol Hagey

In case you’re wondering about where Adam’s opera training came from, check this 2013 tweet:

These two versions are the best close-up and full song renditions I’ve found so far. Every view leaves me breathless. And the standing ovation at the end from Roger Taylor and Brian May has truly brought the group full circle. Think back to Adam’s repeated deference on stage to Brian during their 2012 debut in Kiev. And if you’re wondering what he’s singing about in this slightly abbreviated version of the song, check the story and sing along with the lyrics here.
YouTube courtesy of Ekmo GL
YouTube courtesy of Dario Dall’armi

A very fitting standing O from the OGs!
Screen shot by Carol Hagey

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. OMG this is amazing. My dad who was a professional singer always pooh poohed Adam. Never could find anything redeeming about him. I think this would have changed his mind though.

    • Just to clarify, it wasn’t just Adam my dad felt that way about. It was current music and singers in general.

  2. Kathi Smith says

    He is so amazing!
    I hope people see this either in person or tube etc.
    He has such a fantastic voice and can sing the phonebook!
    A lot of people do not realize the voice he has and I want everyone to understand!!

  3. Wow! It used to be said that Adam could sing the phone book! However this Opera selection is amazing! I have never heard a better version-Wow!?

  4. Nancy Lofaso says

    Nancy says
    Adam has the best voice of his generation! I swear! I’m 76 years old and my husband is 77. We’ve been to his concerts at the Nokia theatre in NYC, the Melody Tent in Hyannis, Ma., the Paramount theatre in Huntington, NY, and 2 of his concerts with Queen (Madison Square Garden, NYC and the Barclay Center, Brooklyn, NY). When Queen retires, perhaps he will be ready to pursue an operatic career! Wouldn’t that be great?