Adam Lambert Clues Us In On Velvet’s Inspiration

While we all know Adam Lambert to be a bit of a chameleon in his musical tastes, I was really surprised by the sound of his new music with New Eyes & Comin’ In Hot.

From Adam’s Twitter: GURU photo: @FranzSzony

In the following interview from, Adam really opens up and gives us a feel of exactly what he’s hearing and feeling inside of him about his music.

Published July 9, 2019:

Adam Lambert’s new album ‘Velvet’ is ‘partially’ inspired by frustration with chart music

Adam Lambert’s new album ‘Velvet’ is “partially” inspired by him being “frustrated’ with chart music.

The 37-year-old pop star has admitted that he became fed up with the songs in the top 40 all sounding the same and so he started listening to alternative bands such as Tame Impala and The Black Keys and late music legend Prince.

Speaking about the album’s lead single ‘New Eyes’ and the rest of the record’s influences on the ‘Official Charts: Take The Hit’ podcast, Adam said: “There’s a little bit of Prince and there’s a blues thing going on.

“This song and the rest of the album is influenced partially by that, and partially by me seeing and playing the Top 40 game over the last 10 years and getting a little bit frustrated how everything starts to sound the same. So much of the industry tends to follow and copy.

“I started listening to a lot more alternative music. “They might not be huge giant hits, but it’s still widely regarded as great music and great bands.”

He added: “It’s not necessarily about one song but about them as a group or artist and the big picture and their influence as an artist.

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