At random times, I search my onscreen TV Guide for anything with Adam Lambert. I’m sure many of you do it too, right?! The other night I found The F Word with Adam Lambert, debuting the next day. I set my DVR, came home from work and watched it at the end of my evening.

The F Word

What I found was a most enjoyable 30 minutes, just listening to Adam talk about many things, including Fame: how he deals with it, how he feels about it, and the pressure. At 3:25 he starts speaking so lovingly about his fans and how they protect him, have his back and that he thinks of us as his “big sister in the big mean world!” What a sweet and flattering way to think of us! My only regret is the accompanying pictures of the fans don’t seem to project his American fan base.

I thought this was recently shot since the visuals include his tour with Queen but after some searching, I see it’s from 2012. I don’t know how I missed it, but I’m so glad I finally found it. Here is the entire video shortened to 20 minutes without commercials, in case you missed it or don’t get the Music Choice channel. Tell us below what your favorite parts are!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~