Full Adam Lambert Concert Opens Montreal Pride

Adam Lambert opened the Fierté Montreal Pride Festival on Sunday with an amazing 12-song set that lasted over 43 minutes, giving something from every album!

Screen shot by Carol Hagey

He opened with a short talk that displayed his dry sense of humor, announcing he was gay! He gave a couple more talks during the concert, expressing his thanks and making some encouraging statements about where we are in the world today, and his hopes for the future. If this concert looks familiar, me thinks it was recorded at the same time as the Joe Biden Celebration For Change concert. Adam and his 3 band members are all wearing the exact same clothes and the stage is duplicate for both. No shade!!

Adam’s set begins after Backxwash at 15:23. His set list is:

Welcome Talk

Stranger You Are


Trespassing/Another One Bites The Dust




Ghost Town

Lay Me Down

Evil In the Night


Whattaya Want From Me

Love Dont


Thank You & Band Intro

Enjoy this great set!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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