Adam Lambert’s Convo with Pete Buttigieg

Adam Lambert did a live Instragram conversation with former presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg yesterday. The conversation became very real when they started speaking on the political and social issues that affect both of them. On a side note, did you know Pete is 10 days older than Adam, and both were born in Indiana?!

Adam Lambert talks with Pete Buttigieg. Screencap by Carol Hagey

It was very amusing in first few minutes when Adam was trying to get the video connection going. He thought he was only talking with his fans when he said he revealed he was in London and was chair dancing, while still trying to get tuned in with Mayor Pete. Once everything was working, Pete soon commented on Adam being in London, making it obvious that he was watching the chair dancing too. Totally adorable!

I really appreciated hearing Adam speak about his younger self’s ideas about voting and how he’s evolved. And to follow it up by asking Pete for recommendations on how to approach the current youth was very smart. Even smarter was Pete’s answer about tying it in with social media. Let us know your favorite moments below in the comments.

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

Thank you Scorpiobert for the YouTube video.

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