Adam Lambert Day 2: “Oh No Corona Don’t” Makeup Tutorial

Adam Lambert gave his fans something they’ve been wanting for over 11 years – a makeup tutorial! He went full-on stage level, encouraging fans to do their own versions, or even their own everyday makeup and send pictures to him, tagging it #velvetglam and #adamlambert.

All screen caps by Carol Hagey

Sitting at his self-designed makeup table, he gives us everything about the brands he chooses, the reasons for his brush choices, how to do the applications and great encouragement to be ourselves. He holds up several of the products, but with the reverse image it’s hard make some of them out. A fan later asks him to post a list of the products, but he says a fan can add that. Any takers?

Adam’s in great form for this 82-minute peak into his daily life, mentioning all the songs that are playing in the background and giving a constant running dialog, flitting back and forth between the makeup techniques and whatever else is on his mind. He talks about the frustrations and stresses of Coronavirus and wanting to have a little fun during the boredom of quarantine. He constantly breaks out singing and doing some mean chair dancing. He even reveals some deep secrets about his beard.

After adding glitter to every layer, he admits lipstick and a mustache don’t go together, but still decides to go there. Then, as a tear develops from dry-eye, he jumps into the more-is-more category, ending up with a total sad acid clown “Glam Punk” look!

Adam asks for suggestions for the upcoming LIVE IGs he’s doing the rest of the week, at 1 PM Pacific time. Since the full Velvet is releasing Friday, wouldn’t it be fun if we all listened to it at the same time with Adam? One fan suggests making a pie, to which he says “I don’t know how to make pie!” That’s pretty funny if you followed his stepmom Amy Wallen’s 30-day NaNoPieMo on Twitter. She even said Adam helped her make the pie for his dad’s birthday!

The guy is NEVER boring! Don’t worry, around 4:30 he straightens the camera out and the rest is easy viewing.

Video courtesy of Adam Lambert Daily YouTube.

There was even a sneak peek at his shoe closet!

Imelda Marcos has nuthin’ on Adam!
And this was only a section!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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