Tonight, watch the NewNowNext Awards Red Carpet via Livestream

Carol and I are getting ready to leave for LA very soon, but we just heard about the live stream and wanted to give everyone the heads up so you can be sure to watch it! Here’s the link: Thanks again to everyone for voting!

Glam Nation-Lansing, Michigan 07/13/2010

Hello everyone!! How is everyone doing? I feel like my life has been so busy that I haven’t been able to comment back to you guys, SOOO SORRY!! Tell me, what is new?? How about some video’s from the Glam Nation Tour in Lansing, Michigan? These are definitely new!!! First off, I love this interview […]

And mooore success!

Time for all Adam fans to start cheering again! It is the end of the week, meaning that the updated sales numbers for last week are released. After Adam sold 198,466 in his first week (#3), 50,999 in his second week (#22), and about 46,000 in his third week (#30).. he closes off his first […]