Adam Lambert Sends a Special Message to You From the STAR 94.1 Meet ‘n Greet!

Dear Readers,
I know the second part of this article has been a long time in coming (read the first part HERE). Sorry for the wait. To refresh, on May 5 Lila and I were lucky enough to win attendance at STAR 94.1’s Cocktail Hour Meet ‘n Greet with Adam Lambert. After the talk conducted by DJ Delana Bennett concluded, fans came up to Adam for questions, hugs and pictures.

HH - Carol, Adam, Lila - from Star 94.1

Lila and I apologize in advance because obviously neither of us were thinking clearly and had a camera out to film the event. Sorry – we know, we’re kicking ourselves for it too.

Adam greeted us with a big smile and immediately commented on how Lila & I were dressed like twins. Completely unintentional! He even said he was originally planning on wearing a leopard print shirt too. We could have been triplets!

I couldn’t help but ask if he recognized us, thinking of several past meetings we’ve had including when we chatted with him at length when we were nominees for Super Fan Site at the 2012 NewNowNext Awards. He couldn’t remember our names but showed he did remember us. Lila said “we run the website . . . “ and before I could get out “that was nominated for Super Fan Site at NewNowNext “ he jumped in with “oh yeah! Which one?” And when we told him “Official-Unofficial,” he immediately said “oh, that’s my mom’s favorite! I read the comments there and I keep seeing comments about me and techno music. Tell them it’s not!” By this time, between being told we’re his mom’s favorite and that HE READS THE COMMENTS, our heads were spinning!

We started talking about the new music and he said how much he hoped the fans would like it. I asked if he had a special message we could give to the readers and he spoke from the heart and said “just tell them ‘thank you. And thank you for sticking with me and hold on cause there’s something for everyone. There’s a wide range from ballads to techno. But don’t panic about the techno – it’s not on everything!”

Then we took some pictures. My heart was pounding when I asked him for permission to take the following picture. Starting with Longineau at Fantasy Springs 1, I have been building a picture folder of me kissing rock stars on the cheek, and this is my crowning glory!

HH - Adam - cheek kiss

I spent some time talking with STAR DJ Delana Bennett about whether requesting music had any impact and also if fans aged 40+ had any voice. She said honestly, age doesn’t matter. They still listen to the phoned-in requests, it’s not just Shazam numbers or what’s being dictated down from corporate management. The DJs pass the requests on to the Musical Director and he puts the requests into the time slots. She assured me that Ghost Town would soon be filling bigger time slots as the weeks progress. She told me she attended an iHeart meeting where new music was played for the DJs and the “response to Ghost Town was amazing! This song will be HUGE! Give it some time – starting next week it will move into a different slot because it had the largest gain last week. I’m playing the s#!t out of it! You can quote me on that!”

She made my heart sing when she added “Adam will become a superstar. Maybe it hasn’t happened as fast as we all thought it would, but it will happen!”

We had quite a day there and are also very proud that a few days ago Adam chose to retweet the iHeartRadio Pool Party tweet that included us!

Lila and I always hoped that by being the first fansite and by keeping our heads down and doing good work, we would be happy with the results. We know we have your support and appreciate all of you for sticking with us!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. Hi Carol,

    I frequently peruse your site, but do not post often at all, anywhere for that matter. I’m a 44 year old male that absolutely loves Adam Lambert. I own all of his albums {2 copies of FYE – (1) copy is the European version with extra international songs / Trespassing Deluxe (how can one NOT get the extra songs) / The Glam Nation Tour CD/DVD, etc}. I’ve been to his GN tour at the Starland Ball Room in NJ and saw him with Queen at MSG – Awesome! Voice Flawless & Sublime! I know this is cliche to say, but the man can sing the phone book and I would listen to it (and buy it) and if he released an album with the ABC’s, Happy Birthday, and the Star Spangled Banner, I’d buy that in a heartbeat too. Anyway, glad you got to meet him again. I would love to meet him when he’s in the NY area again. This man is a God among men when it comes to singing, and some other things as well. I truly wish him the best. As we all know as Adam Lambert fans, he should be the biggest thing in the music industry. The current (4) songs released from The Original High – Oh My God! To reiterate, the man can sing anything in any genre……I will be there with him for his entire career (since Idol days with Satisfaction). I will buy everything he releases. He is the only singer that I buy full albums for – every song is unbelievable. Phew, okay I’ll stop raving and ranting…….The thing is, I have no one in my circle of family and friends that share the same feelings. Had to get that out ………. LOL!

    P.S. – I’m hearing Ghost Town on some NY radio stations, but not enough yet though. We’ll see. Another Lonely Night……fantastic!

    Thank you for a great website.

    • Thank you Philip! We’d love to hear from you more often – we love true fans!

  2. Arleen Stamp says

    Aww!… You guys deserve it…. You do a great job for us and having Adam’s Mom as a fan sure validates it!….love the kiss photo!… Lucky lady!

    • Cathy Derosier says

      Carol you and the others really did agreat job starting and growing this fan site. All sites about at Adam lambert have exploded into get the atmosphere!! Thank You for all you have done and what is to come!!

    • Thanks Arleen Stamp! I’m still on a high with that picture!

  3. Glsmbertgirl8 - Beth says

    All of your hard work is paying off. We Glamberts know what’s up. You guys rock! Thank you for all your hard work would love to have a photo like that with Adam.

  4. Vonnie Weiner says

    You guys are the best. It’s hard work. I appreciate it. Love Adam and you both too.

  5. Congratulations! I remember this was the 1st fansite I logged into in 2009 right after American Idol was over.
    Had the best of times and comments. Rock on girls! Awesome pics.
    I had actually given Adam the fansite business card after the Grand Rapids Idol tour show , he looked at it very interested and said a big Thanks 🙂

  6. Carol and Lila, you are just the luckiest gals I know!!! So lovely that Adam acknowledged you and your work. Really enjoyed reading this. Thank you and Congratulations!

  7. As soon as I saw Adam’s audition on Idol, I was a fan. I found this site right after it started because I went looking for any way I could to support him. I wish I could go to concerts because I’d do that too. My health doesn’t let me though.

    I have what some Drs are calling a Triad now, and it includes a mast cell disorder. I have reactions to so many things now that I can’t handle huge crowds of people. The other two issues are Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. Today is the last day of EDS Awareness month btw. It’s a genetic connective tissue disorder that causes faulty collagen production. Since collagen acts as a glue to hold our tissues together, I’m falling apart, especially my joints. I need a walker and am trying to stay out of a wheelchair.

    I still hope to get to a concert one day but I’ll still be as supportive as I can. I’ll probably get 2 or 3 copies of the new CD as soon as it comes out. My family buys them for me and forgets to check with each other. My husband is usually first though. My youngest is 24 and he keeps asking about an album with Queen. He’d buy that one. I love Ghost Town and can’t wait to hear the rest of the music.

  8. RipleysMom says

    How wonderful for you that Adam acknowledged your website and that it’s his mom’s favourite. I know I always look forward to reading your comments. That last photo is something that I would just die to have happen to me! Maybe next time I’ll have enough nerve to ask him!

    • Lila Hayes Zubik says

      Riply’sMom The best pictures I’ve seen with any kind of celebrity is the one you think out in advance (especially if you know in advance you’re going to see them like at a meet and greet). If you just show up you’ll get a good one (hopefully) smiling, but it won’t be quite as entertaining. The kiss on the cheek is a good one because it’s something that Carol can ask the same thing for over and over. What a racket, right???

  9. Lila Hayes Zubik says

    I know after we talked to him I felt like a had a buzz even though I was only drinking seltzer water. What a rush!

  10. Glamberr says

    I was lucky enough to meet Adam once. Love him. I agree Adam should have been a super star long ago, but he has always been ours. I keep requesting his songs. He has a voice that is out of this world and a heart of gold.

  11. KissYrFace says

    I drop into the website once a week to find out what is happening. Thanks for keeping us all up to date. Although I am not constantly following his every move, I am a big enough Adam fan that I don’t need to hear anything he puts out before I buy it. he puts it out -I buy it. And I will always by a concert ticket if he is ever anywhere near NYC or if I am Traveling and he is playing where I will be . I once saw him in cCevelandas well as NYC. I want to thank you for keeping me informed and working on this website.

  12. Musicalgal says

    I love Adam – I buy all his CDs and DVDs and Most Books and Magazines. I used to also treat Mack Boy but he and his sweetie moved to CA so I lost touch – but we are both always avid Adam fans. I’m so glad you started this site. There is never never enough of Adam’s music. I’m am so happy he is a millionaire so he can do his music and share with all of the world. Adam is the best. Dialing for 4 hours for him to win AI and even runner up was well worth my time. I knew he was a star the day he hit AI. I love him and his parents and brother too. They are all a great family. Adams kindness to his fan is so outstanding – he always has time for all of us. We are a bless America to have our Adam.

  13. glitzylady says

    Thanks for the “insider” info about your conversation with the DJ.. Really really interesting.. The fact that they do consider requests…that fans of all ages are important..that they’ll be increasing the radio play of ‘Ghost Town’… all such AWESOME news!! And the things they said about Adam and his music…. And that he’ll be a superstar.. We’ve always known that, right??!! So EXCITING!!!

    As others have mentioned, this site was the very first Adam Lambert fan site that I started coming to early on in my “Adam Lambert Fan” career 🙂 and as a result have met some truly amazing and fabulous friends along the way.. Including Carol and Lila..

    The adventure continues!!!

    Hugs to both of you! And to Adam #MYOriginalHigh ;))))

    • Thanks so much for your kind words glitzylady! I can only hope concerts come soon so we can catch up! I heard him say on a radio interview that they wouldn’t be until next year. Rats! I want to hear him & see everyone sooner than that! Love ya!

      • glitzylady says

        Maybe we can hope for a few “one-offs” i.e. SoCal concerts this year :))) Fingers crossed!!!


  14. My 8yr old grandson has turned into another Adam fan and has been playing my Tresspassing cd over and over and likes Ghost Town too. Looking forward to to getting my T O H cd in so we can play it nonstop!!!!!????

  15. linda royce says

    so happy for all us Adam fans…….just got my CD today… to meet Adam after a concert in NH…right after the Idol season…….haven’t looked back….a super talent is underestimating him…..his music can not compare…’s going to be a great summer listening to new Adam music…..