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Carol and Lila are the admins at Adam-Lambert.org, the first fan-site created by fans, for fans of Adam Lambert. We post original articles and relevant news articles about Adam Lambert.  Subscribe to our newsletter right there in the side bar  >>>

This website has been blogging about Adam Lambert since early 2009 when he stormed the music scene on American Idol. We both live in San Diego (where Adam grew up) and often attend events all over Southern California (and sometimes farther out) where we take pictures and post them here along with our personal experiences. We can’t wait to see what Adam does next!

People always ask if we’ve ever met Adam. Well, yes but only in a “Meet and Greet” sort of way, meaning only in passing. We don’t do business with him or confer with him in regards to the blog. We’re just fans like you who keep abreast of his career (via Social Media and the media) and blog about it on a volunteer basis (i.e. we don’t get paid). Here’s the highlights.

In May of 2015, we met Adam at a meet and greet put on by Star 94.1 in San Diego when he was doing promo for his album “The Original High”. You can read about it HERE.

HH - Carol, Adam, Lila

In May of 2013 we appeared on the local Fox news to talk about Adam when he was performing on the American Idol finale that year.

In April of 2012, this blog was nominated for an award on the New Now Next Awards. You can read about our experience HERE, but I have to admit… this is my all-time favorite picture of Adam. Yes, it’s the back of his head but I love it because we’re in the VIP Lounge after the party and he’s just hanging out with (or more accurately “around”) us!


In March 2012, Lila (left) and Carol (right) met Adam outside of a radio station in San Diego!

Carol and Lila meet Adam outside of a radio station in San Diego

In December of 2009 we were interviewed when Adam donated one of his outfits to the Hard Rock here in San Diego.

In May 2009 we put together a fan viewing party for the American Idol finale. Here’s a news cast about the party.

Here is a little more about us:


Hi! I’m Carol Hagey, your fan site author. (@cmhagey) I’m a wife and mother of a college-aged son and a full-time independent consultant for The Pampered Chef. I got involved with this fan site after meeting Lila at Adam’s Homecoming in San Diego and helped her organize an Idol Finale Watching Party. Prior to that, I thought I was losing touch with reality considering how much time I was spending on Adam and not on my business. I know many of you can relate!

I’ve been writing professionally for many years, but nothing has been more exciting to write about than Adam. Music has always been at my core. It’s with me every moment of the day. Like many of you, I’ve never experienced an “addiction” to any performer before. I have no idea where any of this is taking me, but I’m glad I’ve got you along for the ride!


My name is Lila, and I’m a Southern California native who loves alternative music. I fell in love with Adam after watching Ring of Fire on American Idol. I got involved with this blog in 2009 after reading a post on this site when the founding member of this site, Fernando, put in a call for help. Now I help with back end support and related social networking.


Although he is no longer active, Fernando is the founder of Adam-Lambert.org. Here is his introduction to you!

What are the odds, I was born on January 29th, 1982, same day and year as Adam. My name is Fernando, also known as Dreamsound/Coloredfusion. I am a banker, singer and an American Idol junkie. You can check out my music at http://www.youtube.com/coloredfusion

In February 2009, I got some of Adam’s biggest fans together to build the very first Adam Lambert Online Community at a time when many people thought Adam was too ‘theatrical’ and was not going to get very far on Idol. In just two short months this community exploded, and by the fourth month we reached over 300,000 visitors. While things have settled down a bit, we’re still dedicated to bringing everything about Adam Lambert to his fans.

In January 2013, I passed on the ownership of this website to Lila and Carol who have done a phenomenal job keeping up with it all these years.

This is what some of the fans here say about adamunofficial.com:

Amberboc says:

I have a great deal of love for this website because it has not only given me many hours of joy, following Adam, but I met all of my fellow Glambert friends through this site.

Random Medley says:

You guys kept this site going for years. You were the first site I found the first time I Googled Adam Lambert. I made many friends here. I appreciate you very much!