Warner Bros Music Standing Behind Adam Lambert’s New Year’s Eve Singapore Appearance

While we were shopping and preparing our feasts, there’s been a storm brewing that hopefully Warner Bros has put out, regarding Adam Lambert’s New Year’s Eve Singapore headlining appearance.

11-27-15 Petition

Here’s their tweet:

The bottom line is, residents in Singapore don’t feel that Adam is the right type of performer to usher in the New Year, based on previous performances, specifically the AMAs and other stage demonstrations from year’s past. Did anyone there bother to check out last year’s smash BBC New Year’s Eve televised performance with Queen???
Here’s the article asking for this.

Adam joined in the fight, tweeting this morning:

There is a petition with over 16,000 signatures (as of my posting) demanding Adam’s removal from media broadcaster MediaCorp’s annual celebration.

A statement from Warner Music Singapore contains a message from Adam himself addressing the controversy:
“My performance at Celebrate 2016 will not only be a spectacular one, it will celebrate the entire human family in all its diversity. I am a uniter, not a divider, and I believe in celebrating the human heart and spirit. I have put together an entirely new show experience for my fans that is kicking off in Singapore. The Original High tour is based primarily on new material, and it promises to be a thoughtful and sophisticated insight into the pursuit of happiness and self-worth. There is no better time for celebration than at the moment one year changes into another, so I hope you will join me to celebrate the future and 2016.”

There now is a counter-petition in support of Adam, that has garnered over 18,000 signatories from all over the world as this article’s posting. Sign that petition here.

Warner Music Singapore adds:
“Warner Music is proud to welcome Adam Lambert, a true artiste extraordinaire to Singapore, and hope that fellow Singaporeans will join us in ushering in 2016 with a spectacular night of fun-filled family entertainment.”

PopSpoken has published an article in support of Adam. Read that article here.

More articles:
From Today, a Singapore publication. Adam’s response, also from Today.

Hopefully your last night’s feast is easier to digest than this reminder of how unsettled the world is.

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. Lila Hayes Zubik says

    This has got to be some sort of publicity stunt. The funny thing is that usually these kinds of things back fire as it brings attention to the thing that people are boycotting. I’m glad the label is standing behind him!