Surprise Encore Addition to Queen+Adam Lambert’s Final North American Gig!

Last night in Houston, Queen + Adam Lambert squeezed in another song to their 2+ hours set list!

Design by @AWerfhorst

They surprised the crowd with a jazzy version of Tie Your Mother Down during the encore, between We Will Rock You and We Are the Champions. QAL performed this song during the 2014 tour and various incarnations, but omitted it from the current News of the World tour set list. The following video has great sound but is shot from a distance.

YouTube video courtesy of Chris Ronquillo

Click here to see the entire Houston concert on close-up video from @mardiblitz. Look for Tie Your Mother Down at 2:26:10. Halfway through the song at 2:28:54, it’s so cute when Adam jumps up twice to pull up his pants!

So now the North American tour is over. Next time on stage for this family won’t be until November when they begin the U.K. tour. Brian, Roger, Frank, the Queen entourage and Queen jet head back to England while Adam is flying home this very minute to West Hollywood via commercial airlines, where he will concentrate on finishing his next album. Yes, that’s my guess but don’t cha think it’s gotta be??!!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. I missed this tour but a seeing through others eyes. Thanks for sharing this Carol. You are the best

    • Thanks for being such a great fan! The other fans who provide such great videos are priceless too!

  2. Hi Carol I finally got to see the concert on july 26 in newark my uncle and his fa suprised me with tickets.I could not believe I saw ADAM and QUEEN the show was fabulous .everyone in my family was so happy for me because they knew how much I wanted to see the show .JOANN

  3. I was at the Prudential Center Concert in July [Newark, NJ] and even my friend was impressed with his vocals and Queen’s performance—with the drum and guitar solos besides vocals..that Frank the robot was cool too…and so was the magnificent lighting and effects. I am wondering if he will be at one point combining theatre performance with his concert performances…imagine all of the interesting outfits and scenes besides themes…..that would be innovative also. He could bring in all of his band performers since american idol and make another masterpiece. I would love for Adam Lambert to make one or even all of my songs masterpiece smash hits too by singing them…..Servetka : )

    • There was so much full level entertainment value in this tour. Frank, the lasers, supreme musicians, and on and on. I think there is so much fanticipation for Adam’s new music & we all hope for him to score big with it!

  4. Lila Hayes Zubik says

    What a great tour! I’m sure the rest of the tour will be a smashing success!