Spend New Year’s With Adam Lambert and Queen!

If you’re sitting around the house for New Year’s Eve, why not spend your afternoon/early evening listening to a live stream of Queen + Adam Lambert ring in the New Year in England?!
Adam NYE
Their set time is December 31st, 23:15 to 00:30 GMT, but you need to find out your times. For me, Pacific time is 8 hours behind, so 11:15 PM England is 3:15 PM for California. It looks like Queen + Adam will have a 1:15 set, so I know what I’ll be doing from 3:15 PM to 4:30 PM!

Read the following article and come back here and click HERE for what should be the live stream!

As an end-of-the-year present, check out this video from Queen Official of Queen + Adam Lambert singing a song I’ve never heard before!

Happy New Year’s from Carol, Lila and adam-lambert.org. We hope next year will be full of great music, fabulous new releases, and that we will see you all rocking out!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

From primetime.unreality.com

Christmas has been and gone, and while we still feel in the festive spirit, the countdown is on to the biggest party of the year – New Year’s Eve.

Whether you’re going out to a street party in one of the big cities across the country, or you’re going to a house party, it’s an opportunity to say goodbye 2014 and hello 2015.
One thing we’ll be setting up to record (while we’re out) is Adam Lambert and Queen’s concert in London to bring in the New Year.

On the 31st of December, the band – alongside their vocalist Adam Lambert will perform a special set in London for the BBC and what’s more, the BBC will be making an online stream available to the world.

So luckily for all you Glamberts who aren’t from the UK, you will still be able to tune in and watch Adam and the group perform like they did on their huge summer tour.

Click here for more.

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  1. Sounds like fun! Can’t wait!

    • Kathleen Wightman says

      I have not been able t stream the concert. Is anyone else having the problem?
      so sad! 🙁

  2. Yipppeeee…I cant think of a better way to ring in yet another new year then with Adam!
    And yes of course Queen!
    Thanks a million for another great year of sharing all that is “OUR” beloved Adam…Carol & team. We “Glamberts” are great full indeed.
    This coming year is gonna be AWESOME…with the anticipation of his new album! I CAN’T WAIT!!!!! So exciting.
    May 2015 be kind to us all…especially our lead man…Adam Lambert!!!
    XO …always “ADAMicted”!!!

  3. I’ll have to figure out eastern time! BTW the song “I was born to love you” was from Freddie Mercury’s solo album “Mr.Bad Guy”.

    • Thanks for the info on the song, Sadie! Your time should be 6:15 pm ET. Looking forward to sharing the time with you!

  4. Yvonne (aka) Glammer. says

    I’m hoping we get to see this in Australia..
    Thanks for a great year of information & pics. on Adam.
    Looking forward to many more in the new year.
    Happy New Year to all the Glamberts worldwide.

  5. Carol, How do we get it right now? I clicked on your link…..do we have to do something else? Just shows them from 20 days ago.

    • Kathleen Wightman says

      Still doesn’t work, says not available. Were you able to watch?
      Anxious to know if anyone else watched it?

  6. Kathleen Wightman says

    I still can’t get it 🙁
    I would love to be able to purchase Born to Love You with Adam singing!
    He sure works fabulous with Queen! Would have loved to go to on of their concerts.
    Wish they would do a concert with someone filming. They’d sell millions!

  7. WOW!!!! WOW!!!! WOW!!!!
    I go it and it was wonderful. Adam looked so beautiful(as always) and sounded great.
    It was almost like being there. I really enjoyed myself. Wish it was longer but I am sure not complaining. Great!!!!!
    Thanks Carol for making this possible and so easy to get to.

  8. OH MY GOD!!!!! It was fantastic! I almost felt like I was back at his concert in July In MI. I mean, THEIR concert 🙂 Adam’s voice was out of this world genius! Thank you Carol for telling us. Love you!

  9. one good woman says

    I had to watch the performances on You Tube. They were still awesome to watch! Adam is always at his peak! He has the most beautiful voice that can sing anything. Not too mention what a great performer he is. Love him and will never get tired of listening & watching him perform, whether it be singing, acting, or judging!

  10. That MADE my New Years Eve, not being able to go home this year, but being able to watch live – awesome
    Laughed at Adams “oops” moments (on what you can say on family friendly TV) and the end, when he broke the stare with Brian and started to laugh..