Sing Along With Adam Lambert!

Adam Lambert has posted a video of himself singing I Want To Break Free, and is inviting you to join him in a duet. There are even sections without him singing, so you can be the star!

Adam having fun in the booth!
Screen cap by Carol Hagey

Adam really has fun dancing while he’s waiting for us to sing along. He sounds absolutely fantastic, without all the normal concert noise that fills our ears. His voice keeps getting better and better!

Fan Chris Williams has made a video of himself singing along with Adam and it’s really quite good. At least he sings much better than I do!

Post your videos below and let us hear you too!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~
Thanks gelly414 for the YouTube!
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  1. Wow! Thank you so much! I love to sing this song and to sing with Adam Lambert himself is such a privilege. I’ve been a Queen fan for many years and Adam Lambert is doing such justice to the songs and the legacy! On November 20th, I’ll be doing a charity singalong – for 24 hours!!! Please sponsor me if you can and please subscribe to my youtube channel! I’ve included a link for more details. Thank you again so much! ?

  2. Bobbi Crouch says

    I think you need to do an Elvis concert! You could so pull that off so perfectly.

  3. Lila Hayes Zubik says

    Such a great singer!