Should Adam Lambert Return to GLEE?

I know it’s been a little while since you’ve heard from us. I’ll start with a beautiful fanart by Oksssana.

fan art

We seem to be in a slow time for news about Adam Lambert. That’s good for three reasons. The first and most important reason is it’s giving Adam time to recharge and get ready for a hectic summer tour with Queen. The second reason is maybe Adam’s just getting to enjoy some down time, if there really is such a thing for him?! I’m sure partying and spending time with friends factors in here.

The third reason is purely personal. I just started a new job with a Cruise Travel Agency and it gives me a chance to focus on that and make a good impression. In the future (read July in Vegas!) when I’ll need to take time off for Queenbert, it’s good that I’ve started with a concentrated effort. Hey maybe we can put together a Glambert Cruise! 🙂

Okay, let’s get down to it. I just found this piece about why they should bring Adam/Elliott back to GLEE and thought you might enjoy reading it too.

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

5 reasons Adam Lambert should be back on Glee

By Pip Ellwood

Glee has been pretty patchy over the course of its penultimate season but there have been plenty of glimmers of hope, especially now the show has permanently moved to New York (well for the second half of the season anyway).
One of the things the show got so right this year was introducing Adam Lambert into the fold as new character Elliot ‘Starchild’ Gilbert. Guest starring in 5 episodes, Starchild became part of Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Rachel’s (Lea Michele) band along with Santana (Naya Rivera) and Dani (Demi Lovato).
He stole many of the scenes he was in and his songs were some of the most memorable from the season. It’s rumoured that his appearance on episode 14 of the season, New New York, was his last but we think that’s a huge mistake.

Click here for the 5 reasons!

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  1. It would be nice to have more of Adam on Glee, but I’m not sure how much longer the show will be on. It shows that Adam is more than good looks & a fantastic voice – it shows he is a three dimensional guy & can do just about anything he gets into & always ends up looking like the pro that he is. I really can’t think of another celebrity that can do it all like he can & always come out looking & sounding great. I’d like to see him next on the big screen – can you imagine that face & talent on a gigantic movie screen. Oh my God! I think it’s only a matter of time before he covers it all.

  2. Random Medley (@RandomMedley) says

    Not sure what down time looks like in your world but Adam just did 2 -one off’s this week AND is WORKING on his lp. He and the band flew to PA to play at a sweet 16 birthday party with about 100 people in attendance and last night he played in Montana for another birthday party. Seems like he gets a minimum of $125,000 to $200,000 for these gigs and it’s important for him to keep his band together. Who knows what else he’s doing in his down time but he missed Daniels birthday ’cause he’s to busy.
    Now as far as Glee. I love seeing him on TV. They left his character door open and they still refer to the band. I definitely feel that everyone associated with the show loves him and if there is ANY chance he has the time they will re-write story lines to bring him back. He was so good I hope there’s some TV award that he gets for being the BEST GUEST STAR EVAH! I’m with Barb… onwards to the big screen.
    I am counting the days to Queenbert in San Jose and Vegas. I know they said they weren’t going to extend the tour but I bet they do. They are in high demand together. I am a bit concerned with when his album is released. Pop music changes so fast and if his is delayed by extended Queen tour that might not be a good thing
    I guess the only time that would make sense for Adam to return to Glee is if the show continues and he doesn’t get to do his own tour (like Trespassing) and that would be awful. I would much rather see him succeed with his own music than be a guest star on a declining show.

  3. glamity58 says

    I would still like him to show up in a few episodes of Glee. I’m hoping he gets a record out soon. I’m not confident we’ll hear him on radio, pretty much given up on that. We know what a scam the music industry is so I won’t hope for that. I’m just hoping he can land a voice over job, get a movie role, maybe his own show somehow. Until then I’m stoked for Queen and Adam. I’m going to Chicago, but would like to go to a few more shows.

  4. Glee has really lost it’s edge, everyone is too nice and boring. I’m guessing the writers are out of ideas or just at the end of the life cycle. Adam needs to do something with an edge. he can take the next step with a good Queen Tour and new recordings that are edgy and less techno-pop. he needs songs that have a nastiness about them and let his vocal range loose. The dance songs are a waste, Can you imagine Adele wasting her voice on a poppy dance song? What made Adam appealing on Idol was how he gave emotion and range to songs we thought we know. I know Adam does not want to do covers but on really good cover with a great vibe may be what he needs to get on the radio(worked for Joan Jett, Quiet Riot, Billy Idol and others).

  5. Lila Hayes Zubik says

    It’s always great to hear more Adam, but I don’t want him riding a sinking ship!!!

  6. As far as Glee goes I never watched it and only watch when Adam is on, and fast forward to his performances. I think he is wasting his time on this show. I really can’t understand how it could have survived as long as it has. Big screen sound good to me. He sure has what it takes. I agree with Jim a good cover really could get him on the radio.

  7. is Adam Lambert really returning to glee? anyway i think he was the best so Adam if ur reading please stay:)

  8. Although Adam was “AMAZING” & stole the show on Glee…I agree he needs to move on & focus on the upcoming “Queenbert” tour & his new music! If this high profile opportunity to front Queen doesn’t help to launch his music & over the moon talent…then I’m not sure the the hell is going on or wrong with the universe???
    Adam can entertain like very few can & his vocals are STELLAR!
    Come on North America…WAKE UP & Get your Glambert groove on!
    You will “NEVER CLOSE YOUR EYES”…or look back again! Promise!!!!
    XO Always “ADAMicted” !

  9. Okssanna…I forgot to mention how wonderfully talented you are…it’s an amazing job on your Fanart. I have saved it in my “Adam File” with many other photo or such that I come across celebrating our gorgeous & over the moon talented Adam!
    Great Job!
    XO Always “ADAMicted”

  10. Not a Glee fan but am certainly an Adam fan so maybe “the powers that be” in Hollywood could come up with a great NEW show idea wrapped around Adam. He can sing, host, act, dance, and on and on! Bring back the great “variety show” concept but with an Adam twist 🙂

  11. Iv’e begged for Glamberts to start a petition to keep Adam on Glee. They could spin off his own show. I would love to watch that every week.