Rumor Mill on Fire About Adam Lambert’s New Label

The rumors have been flying all over Twitter about Adam Lambert’s new label. And mind you, until we get an official announcement, these are just rumors. But the word is, it’s . . . Warner Brothers!

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While this website has tried to stay away from reporting rumors or salacious news, it’s been far too long since we’ve talked and I just feel like putting this out there. The following are bits and pieces that I’ve picked up. Again – until it’s announced – these are rumors!

One of the first things I heard was that Warner Brothers was now following Adam on Twitter. And while yes, they do follow all their artists, they also follow others not signed to them. For example, New Politics.

This is what got everyone excited in the first place a few months ago, when Adam told Ryan Seacrest that he had a new label – click here.

And here are some links to everything flying around!

#1 – click here

#2 – click here

#3 – click here

If Warner Brothers does indeed become Adam’s new label, look who he’ll be attending functions with – his favorite band – MUSE! Not to mention other powerhouses like Linkin Park, Red Hot Chili Peppers, My Chemical Romance and The Black Keys. That will be a wild holiday party!

Click here to see the artists that are currently on the Warner Brothers label.

I’m sure the news will be coming when both Adam and his new label are ready to announce, and until then, Lila and I wish you and your Glamily a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and an exciting New Year, filled with the best of music, entertainment and Glamorizing!!

Love ya!
~ Carol ~

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  1. how awesome is this news! and just before the holidays even better. Great people deserve great things !

  2. I love Adams hair in the above picture. Adam is awesome. I have loved him from the first time I set eyes on him and he started singing. I am so happy for him touring with Queen. I really think Freddie would have like Adam too. And that’s great if he gets signed to Warner Brothers. They have quite a crew of great singers. Love you Adam. And I am glad to see you doing so well.

  3. I have heard before that it was probably Warner Brothers. I’m surprised nothing is being said. What difference would it make? I would think Warner Brothers would want to announce this.

  4. Always great to get good news on or about Adam. Personally I could
    care less what label he is on as long as he’s on one. I love Adam and have
    since the AI days. He deserves nothing but the best! He’s worked for it
    and definitely has more than enough talent!! He’s my baby!

  5. I also am so happy to see ADAM doing so well. The whole world knows his name now as it should be. I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays. I read that Queen and Adam will be ringing in the New Year in London and we will be able to see it on BBCS. The station that Graham Norton is on. I wish I could find out for sure.


  6. one good woman says

    I am anxiously waiting for his new album. I can’t wait.

  7. Lila Hayes Zubik says

    Hope that means his album will be out soon!

  8. I wish he’d play with Queen more. They are so perfect together. Adam can learn a lot from them. Maybe make a new album together. He does Queen so well !!