Queen Rocks Ghost Town with Adam Lambert!

Rock In Rio just made history! Queen performed Adam Lambert’s Ghost Town on Wednesday night in Sao Paulo . . . thrilling everyone in the audience, judging by the screams!
Rock In Rio Ghost Town
Photo courtesy of www.rickey.org

Brian May ripped on his guitar and left the whistling in the dust, bringing Ghost Town to a new height. As you watch the videos, you’ll see how pumped Adam is to have such a rock take on his hit song. I’m including two different videos to show different facial expressions of both Adam and Brian.

Oh Glamberts – this is a dream come true! Thank you vanglam76 and MFranklin1910 for these videos.

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. Wow! Luved it. What a spectacular performance by Adam Lambert. Also Brian May is a musical genius.

  2. Thanks Carol for letting see these videos. Wow is all I can say.

  3. Glambertgirl8 - Beth says

    I’m speechless. He is always perfection. Thanks so much Carol for sharing. What would we do without you!

    • I’m hoping on their other South American shows they will also do Lucy. After all, with Brian as the original mad guitarist on the song, when else can it be performed live?! And when else would it be more current, than now?

  4. I wondered if Queen would go there, but how could they not? Good for them!

  5. Yes, I was thrilled to hear Ghost Town as a rock version. I have to say Roger and Brian have Adams back and really wanting him to succeed. Adam has also done them well in bringing their wonderful music to life so perfectly.

  6. Thank you Carol. Our Adam is the best – thanks to Queen for playing Ghost Town with Adam and joining forces with Adam for music for all of us to enjoy.

  7. This is fantastic to watch & hear! So exciting for Adam to have Queen honor his song & continue to support his over the moon talent. I just LOVE “The Original High”…all the songs are special. In my heart of hearts…I’m praying that Adam gets the recognition he needs on this wonderful new album, so that radio starts celebrating him more on radio in North America!!! It’s just CRAZY…how he is having to work so hard to prove himself here at home!
    Us Glambert’s NEED a tour from Adam showcasing “The Original High’.
    Xo…Always “ADAMicted”.

  8. Nomadic Gringo says

    Still can’t get over how good Queen + Adam Lambert were at Rock in RIo!

    It’s only natural that people are going to compare Adam and Freddie, but its not a fair comparison, they both had very different roles. Freddie led the band, he was the focus, he could command the stage and take centre focus, Adam was there to support the band, he had to share the stage. At the same time he had to sing songs that are so synonymous to a loved and treasured artist without appearing like a cheap Queen impersonator but not putting his own spin on the classic songs that everyone knows and loves. He has a near impossible job. But…..