Queen and Adam Lambert: The Start of Something Big!

Not that there was ever any doubt, but Queen with Adam Lambert is turning out to be one of the smartest pairings ever! Their epic North American Tour started last week in Chicago, then headed north to Canada, and is working its way back down to the States on July 1, in San Jose, California.


The reviews have been extremely positive. This was no surprise to some of the writers, still others have expressed their amazement at how well-suited Adam is to front Queen. Five years after Adam burst into our lives, more of the country is still admitting what fans knew from the first moment they heard Adam’s American Idol audition, ironically singing Bohemian Rhapsody. It was Kismet.

We’d like to give all of you the opportunity to peak in on what’s happening at the shows, posting a few videos each time, of the entire set list. We’ll start with the tour’s first date in Chicago. In the opening numbers, Now I’m Here and Stone Cold Crazy, not only does Adam give the audience a fantastic visual presentation, but he proves what a professional he is when the microphone goes out. And the fashions, ay-carumba! Watch at 2:44 when he signals the side-crew that he wants the volume turned up. Next time he touches the mic, it goes out. In what must have been a terrifying 90 seconds for Adam and the band, you’d never know it. He nonchalantly takes a new mic at 4:15 and the show goes on. Not only did we get to see Adam dancing during this vocal-down time, we got to listen to one of the most fantastic guitartists! Thank you fiercealien for giving us this great video of the first two songs.

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. I too was at this concert. I was worried I would not be able to hear Adams voice for the entire show, sure was glad when the mike was fixed. Such a pro, didn’t seem like it phased him in the least !

  2. glamity58 says

    I was blown away at the Chicago show. I can’t get enough of this show. I’ve been watching videos like crazy. I think “Love Kills,” I Want to Live Forever” and Show Must Go On” are my favs. But really everyone is good.

  3. one good woman says

    Awesome! Only Adam can pull something like that off and make the best of the situation when things go wrong. Love him!

  4. Lesa Smith says

    It was a GREAT show! Thanks for using my video. There are many more on my channel!

  5. I’m happy for (yeah, and a little jealous of) all of you lucky people who are getting to see this amazing concert somewhere. I’ve been a fan of Queen since their beginning, and of course a fan of Adam since day one. I’m ranting on about this because although I know they can’t be everywhere, it sure would have been nice if they had ventured down to the deep south…..let’s just pick a place…….ATLANTA would have been good; I mean GREAT !!! I know I can’t be the only one down here who would enjoy seeing these fantastic men! Brian, Roger, and Adam…..come on, guys, we like y’all down south, too !! I know it’s too late now that all the concerts are scheduled, but think of us southerners next time……OKAY?

  6. Merriweather near DC is nicely located in the middle of the East Coast as far South as they will get this time. I will be making that 4 hour drive to be there! Come on July 20!

    • I will be at Merriweather too with my daughter in the lawn area…all I could afford…but we are so so so excited…Epic concert it will be.

    • Lila Hayes Zubik says

      Isn’t Dallas considered part of the South? I mean, it seems more south than DC, but then again I’m from the West Coast so I don’t know the politics of these things.

    • Jane Parker says

      Yes, and this Jane is from N. C. and will be driving 4 1/2 hours to Maryland to the Meriweather. It is the only one I will be attending, as my hubby and I are staying the weekend and going to DC as well. I can’t wait!!!

  7. This is absolutely freakin’ fabulous!!!! Hope somewhere along the tour a video for release to the public will be born!!!! Luv Queen & Adam & Freddie Forever!!!! Rita Norton

  8. not important says

    Adam is gorgeous. I wish I could see the show.

  9. Nancy Lofaso says

    Will they be coming out with a single of Love Kills? I heard it at the IHeart awards show and it took my breath away! Will be seeing this concert on 7/17 at Madison Square Garden. Can’t wait! Carol, thanks so much for keeping the fire going!

  10. LEE Saline says

    Wow! I couldn’t believe what I just got for my 72nd birthday…7 tickets to see Adam & Queen. I will get to go to The Detroit show (at The Palace – Auburn Hills) with my two sons, their wives, and two grand- daughters. Now I can’t wait for July 12th. We’ll be in the second row. I’ve seen two of Adam’s shows before but not this close.
    Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the posts on this website.

  11. Cindy Barr says

    Hello everyone – just saw Adam and Queen last night in Calgary and what an amazing show! The whole production was first class! It blew everyone’s mind! Die-hard Queen fans can not get over how fantastic Adam is and what a stage presence he has! For those of you going to any of the upcoming shows -get ready to be “Glamazed”!

  12. What a pro!