Queen + Adam Lambert Slay the Oscars!

Queen + Adam Lambert were set as the opening to entertain the world and they delivered to the highest level! The whole world is buzzing about the Academy Awards opening. Some even say the first 3 minutes of the Academy Awards put the entire Grammy Awards Show to shame. I agree.

Brian May, Roger Taylor and Adam Lambert rock the Oscars!
Photo courtesy US Weekly.

To have all the Hollywood royalty in their gowns and tuxedos rise to their feet, waving their arms like they were at a rock concert must have been fulfilling for the band. You could tell from the joy on the audience’s faces that so many of them first experienced Queen in their young adulthood, before most were stars. It took them back to those youthful moments like nothing but music can!

Best Academy Awards Opening EVER! There’s currently more than 7.5 million views – probably more when you watch it!
Video courtesy ABC.

And Adam was BEAUTIFUL!! He had talked about OUTFITS with the emphasis on the plural in his video following the release of Feel Something, and he wasn’t lying! From his gorgeous Red Carpet tuxedo, to the black satin, long bow tie and teal jacket on stage, finishing with an over-the-top after party jacket, he let everyone know how much love, excitement and respect he had for the event.

Adam on the Red Carpet

Showing off some ear candy that was eye candy for us! The cross ear section was removed for the performance.
Photo courtesy Google Images
Adam on stage
Photo courtesy of US Weekly
Adam at the After parties
(Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images)

What did you think? I think my favorite moment was when they finished We Are The Champions and Adam got to welcome the world to the Oscars!

And for some more fun, Wayne’s World’s
Dana Carvey & Mike Myers rocking out to our boys at the Oscars!
Screen cap by Carol Hagey

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. They sure did! They left me wanting more! That is the reason why I am going to see them for the second time this summer. They put on an awesome show!

    • Have a great time! After all this excitement and now the world knows how good they are, all tickets are probably sold out & I hope they add more dates!

  2. Nothing to top the best and it truly was. Until Adam and QUEEN give us more amazing moments.

  3. Best time everyone has had at this event in a long long time … super!!!

  4. I never watch the Oscars but when I heard they would be opening up I set my DVR and just taped Queen and Adam. I rented Bohemian Rhapsody and watched it right before the show. So I was in a Queen and Adam frame of mind. I have tickets to see them in Charlotte NC but not till August. I can’t wait.

  5. Janet Bilicki says

    Loved the Oscars……and can’t wait for the documentary and his new album.