Queen + Adam Lambert OWN the Global Citizen Festival!

The Global Citizen Festival looked to be a fantastic day, broadcast by MSNBC. The lineup was stellar and the crowd was over 60,000. If anyone was there, please chime in!

Courtesy of Variety, via Google.

As headliners, Queen + Adam Lambert showed everyone why they still wear the crown. They performed 13 songs, giving the audience more than half of their regular concert. They also played more than twice as long as any other band yesterday, going 20 minutes overtime. Thank goodness MSNBC covered it all. It was so cool to see how excited some of the people in the crowd were, watching them!

I’m posting the videos straight from Global Citizen’s YouTube channel, including their intro by Rami Malek. You could tell how excited Rami was to introduce these legends. So excited he pulled the microphone away from his mouth right when he says QUEEN, but he covered it up! Global Citizen posted all but one number, Don’t Stop Me Now which another fan posted a short segment of it, so I’ve included it. We’re also missing the Ay-Oh audience response with Freddie.

Hope you watched and loved it like we did!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

Just a portion, posted by a fan.

The encore came now, starting with a film of Freddie Mercury doing a round of Ay-Oh with a past audience. I couldn’t find that so we’ll move on to their 2 iconic show closers!

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  1. Mary - glitzylady says

    It was incredible! I felt like I was back in the summer, watching the Rhapsody Tour in Vancouver, BC… the shorter version.. Spectacular!

  2. Sharon Sullivan says

    I watched most of festival but got bored until Adam and Queen came on stage. It was electrifying to hear them play and as many times I’ve seen them live or on tv this time the show was the best I’ve seen 60K people seemed to get a new energy after being there for hours and hours. It was interesting to see how many young people who were singing along with Adam and Brian and knew all the words. The audience had to be exhausted by time Queen starting performing but you’d never know it. Their songs are timeless and attract people of all nationalities, education levels and races.

  3. Thanks Carol

    I was at the concert. The entire event was great but Adam and Queen were the highlight.
    Thank you for posting these videos

    • Thanks Sandra! I’m curious about the crowd. Were they familiar with Adam as lead singer and fans, or were they original Queen fans, seeing Adam for the first time? If so, what were their reactions?

  4. Wow thanks Carol…..I hadn’t seen this yet and I didn’t see the opening.

  5. Lila Hayes Zubik says

    It’s so great that they put the entire thing online! Fantastic!

  6. Musicalgal says

    Finally ordered Velvet Side A – Yeah – what is that Paramount Sessions with Adam and Cook? Did not hear of that CD do want all of Adam CDs. Bought all that I know about. Love you Adam – Musicalgal voted for you for 4 hours. Keep going and keeping us all happy. We love you.