Queen + Adam Lambert Electrify the Crowd At Vegas Residency!

Spoiler Alert: Contains show description. Don’t read this if you’re going to one of the Vegas shows and don’t want to know about it ahead of time!!

I was lucky and caught the second night of Queen + Adam Lambert’s Crown Jewels at MGM’s Park Theater. It was so good to see Adam (whether solo or with the gang) LIVE on stage again – it’s been over a year!! What was different about this show? The biggest thing was that my husband Bob was with me instead of my usual concert buddy, Lila!

Adam breaks out a new leopard suit!!
Photo by Carol Hagey

Two new blazers, blazing away!

Photo by Carol Hagey

The show was filled with all the exciting visual elements from their the News of the World 40th Anniversary tour – the great video opening, Frank the Robot, the bicycle, the lifting stage, but they didn’t mention the album all this came from. The 2-hour set list was filled with their monster catalogue of hits. None of the lesser known songs were included, like we heard them play in June 2017, just a few hundred yards away at T-Mobile Arena, coincidentally also on the second night of that tour. The single new addition was their tribute to Vegas, Heartbreak Hotel, complete with Adam’s gyrating hips! I’m including my video of it below. Adam had lots of gorgeous new costumes and Brian sported some jazzy new outfits too. The crowd, filled with Queen fans and Glamberts, was on their feet and very responsive the whole night.

Adam gets his Elvis on!
Video screencap by Carol Hagey

Video by Carol Hagey

Bob & I were on the floor, close to the end of the catwalk. Having my husband with me made for a completely different experience. In fact, the first question from most of my friends was “how’d Bob like the show?” Being a Queen fan from back in the day, he thought Brian and Roger were amazing! He couldn’t believe how well they still play. This was his first time seeing Adam. He thought he did a great job! He always thought Adam was a great singer (on Idol), likes his solo music, and after seeing QAL, now thinks Adam is the only singer who could be on stage with Brian and Roger. I thought it was touching when he said after 7 years, he doesn’t think Adam should have to keep apologizing for being on stage with them – he’s earned his place. I agree, but understand why they still do it.

The Park Theater, located in MGM’s Park Hotel (formerly the Monte Carlo) is home to many of the iconic Vegas Residencies – Ricky Martin, Britney Spears and the upcoming Lady Gaga and Aerosmith shows. It’s a 5,200 seat venue with fabulous sound. If you wondered how Queen + Adam Lambert would fit their stadium rocking show into this space, you won’t be disappointed! Check Ticketmaster – you can still get some great seats!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. Still the same sexy, delectable, “sexcitable” Adam. God bless you Adam as you journey with the QUEEN. Hope to see your concert live someday.

  2. I know the feeling Carol. I saw ADAM in Charlotte NC(not with Queen) and when we were walking out my husband told me “He was really good” It made me feel so good that he actually liked his music.

  3. Holey Moley that was freakin’ awesome! Thank you for including the video, Carol!.

  4. I wish I could find a way to go……still thinking about it. I would love this small venue.

  5. i wish i could have been there. I saw them last year in Washington, DC and have to say it was the best concert that I have been to!

  6. Lila Hayes Zubik says

    Thank you for sharing and great video! Glad he enjoyed it too!!!