Queen + Adam Lambert Begin International Rhapsody Tour in South Korea

Queen + Adam Lambert are taking their Rhapsody Tour to the world starting January 18th through July 8th, beginning in South Korea. From there they go to Japan, New Zealand and Australia where they’re not only taking part in the sold out Fire Fight Australia concert to raise funds for so many affected by the savage fires, they’re donating use of their stage. After Australia, they take a two and a half month break, starting up again mid-May in Europe.

They’ll play much of the European continent before heading to the U.K. In addition to 2 nights in Manchester, England, they’ll play 10 nights at London’s O2 Arena. Their Vegas Residency in 2018 was 10 nights! After England they end the tour in Spain. What a fabulous schedule!

To start their South Korean shows, they held a press conference. Something entertaining happened when on cue, all three guys broke out the KPop Finger Hearts before sitting down! They all talk about their interpretations and feelings about KPop.

Brian May, Adam Lambert and Roger Taylor try out their KPop Finger Hearts!
Image from Google.
KPop Finger Heart

These guys look fabulous!! All three are expressing their own individual styles, and Adam has also found his frosted tops! Is Roger sub-consciously giving Adam a little plug with his VELVET blazer?!

Brian May, Adam Lambert and Roger Taylor at Press Conference.
Image from Google.

These international press conferences run long due to time for translating. It’s fun to watch the guys laugh a little with each other during the non-English time. At 22:20, Roger really lays enormous praise on Adam and Brian applauds with his confirmation! And when Brian starts into his talk about his diet, watch Roger’s face. And it’s very sweet when Brian adds his love for Adam!

Video courtesy of Scorpiobert.

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  1. Janet BILICKI says

    Can’t wait to see the videos of this tour!