Our Exclusive Christmas Eve Present to Adam Lambert Fans!

As I was catching up on some reading yesterday, I came across a little tidbit concerning Adam Lambert that I haven’t seen anywhere. I googled it and nothing came up. Isn’t that proof of an exclusive?!

Photo by Carol Hagey

Photo by Carol Hagey

Entertainment Weekly always has “The Bullseye” on the last page. In the past, they have taken a not-too-friendly stab at Adam (see Nov 18, 2011), but this time is different. In the November 29, 2013 issue, positioned just a little to the left of center (which is where we always find Adam!), came this gem:

“Adam Lambert’s cover of “Marry the Night” hits the top 100, while Lady Gaga fails to get a post – Saturday Night Live sales bump – which proves that Adam Lambert is a better Lady Gaga than Lady Gaga.”

And one more time, here is that stunning performance!

Merry Christmas!!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. Diane Rauber says

    I’m not surprised – I liked Adam’s version of the song better than hers!

    • I did see this snippet right after Adam’s Glee performance. Needless to say I was thrilled that he received some recognition for a job well done. Not long ago Nile Rogers commented that someday people will recognize what a talent Adam Lambert really is.

  2. Kristy Heath says

    Love his version better then hers.
    He makes all songs better.

  3. Robin Dutcher says

    Adam DEFINITELY sang this song BETTER than Lady Gaga!! This is now my ring tone on my phone!!! He was ADAMAZING as usual!!!!!

  4. granny gari says

    It would not be Christmas with out seeing my legend, ADAM.
    My gift to MEl

  5. Fabulous! Now I’m hearing album chatter for 2014? That would be cool!

  6. I love his version. My friend called to let me know that he thought that was the best
    performance he had ever seen on glee. I don’t watch Glee, but I also was mesmerized
    by that performance. Thank you Adam for 4 years of joy.

  7. I just loved his version of Marry the Night. Something has to give for this talented guy. I am so hoping to meet a bunch of Glamberts at a Queen concert, see a new album from Adam and maybe more Glee appearances. I love this guy and he deserves to be huge.

  8. Anything Adam does is top notch…and “YES” I agree…I enjoyed his powerful rendition & spin of “Marry The Night”!!!! I love & respect Lady Gaga”s music & talent as well. Saying that…he killed this song and made me want to listen & watch the video over & over & over again which I did of course!
    More people need to recognize this mans AMAZING TALENT…& hoping one day (as per Nile’s Rogers comment) the masses will FINALLY figure out what they having been missing over these last couple years! Adam…CAN”T WAIT for some new music from you! Bring it on & make me want to “Listen to Music Again”! So excited!
    XO Always “ADAMICTED”
    Happy New |Year to ALL GLAMBERTS! CHEERS!!!

  9. Eliane Brasil says

    That was a great point of view. He was hilarious on performance and exquisite on his voice.
    Kisses / beijos