One-On-One With Adam Lambert

ET Canada has done a great interview with Adam Lambert. You may have seen bits and pieces on other social media posts, but watch the whole 21 minutes here!

Adam enjoying an interview question
Screen shot by Carol Hagey

There are the usual unavoidable standards: Idol, filling Big Shoes, the AMAs, etc. But then we get new stuff! The questions that others haven’t asked. Like what he’s like on tour, who tells him when they don’t like his music, what’s on his tour rider and famous people in his phone. It’s funny that Brian May isn’t the answer to that!

Love ya and Happy Thanksgiving!

~Carol ~

And here’s some extended play, with even more comments from Adam.
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  1. This is a great interview!!! Thanks so much for posting it, I hadn’t seen it anywhere. I loved that they asked him new questions instead of just the standard stuff.