More On Why We Should Wait Until Release Day of Adam Lambert’s The Original High

Earlier I posted about iTunes not counting pre-sales of albums towards the all-important first day sales figures. With iTunes’ first-day sales numbers being the object of so much industry focus, I thought you might like to learn more about it.


This is a new policy change from Apple. The following is an excerpt from a March 4, 2015 Billboard article by Ed Christman. Click here for the full article.

Apple Addresses Concerns Over iTunes Store Changes

by Ed Christman

The latest move inside iTunes addresses how pre-orders are counted. Previously, pre-orders impacted the store chart as the orders came in, as well as the day of the release, when those orders were fulfilled to customers. That usually meant a title with a large amount of preorders would be assured the No. 1 slot on the day of release, an effective marketing tool for labels which allowed them to bring attention to the album’s availability by touting its No. 1 spot in the iTunes chart.

However, in the new configuration, all pre-orders are wiped clean as the clock strikes midnight on the day of the release. Consequently, that title’s chart position is determined by what new sales activity takes place on the first day of its release, not all the activity it had generated through pre-orders. This move cuts down chances of landing the No. 1 spot, as the new release will have to get there solely through new purchases on the day of release.

Major label executives say they understand why Apple made the move it did, but that it will take some getting used to. “This is a big move, because everyone in the industry pays attention to the iTunes storefront more than any other store or service,” says one major label executive. “No one looks at the Amazon, Google or Spotify music pages the way they pay attention to iTunes.”

So Glamberts, I know I’m waiting until release day to order. How many of you are with me?

Love ya!


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  1. I’m totally with you! Anything to help support Adam’s success!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks, that is real important information. We want to do this right. I am waiting until the release date and getting it from iTunes too. Do you know anything about store purchases on the first day for CD’s?

  3. glamity58 says

    My fellow Glamberts on the AdamStormTrespassing website plan to preorder from Amazon or Adam Official. I might do that. They should count right? Otherwise I’ll probably buy a few copies the first few days the album is out.

    What are you doing about the single next week? I will definitely wait until the first day the song is out to order on iTunes.

    • glamity58 I’m going to wait until the day it’s released to order it. But to be honest, I’m a little confused. In the first paragraph of the excerpt that I printed, it sounds like author Ed Christman was saying pre-orders were counted twice. Once when they were pre-ordered and a second time when they were fulfilled or sent out on the first day. So if wiping the slate clean at midnight just gets rid of the pre-orders, then they are still counted when they are fulfilled. But I’m not leaving it up to chance. I’m going to wait until the first day to order it. For the song, I’ll buy it from iTunes on the 1st day it’s released. Can’t wait!

  4. Thanks I will wait everything best for Adam
    Hug from Holland

  5. Anything that will help Adam!! We all need to get him the attention he deserves!

  6. Chineseglitter says

    Was getting ready to preorder till I saw this!

  7. Chineseglitter says

    Was getting ready to preorder but saw this and didn’t

  8. KissYrFace says

    I will be waiting until it’s released. I don’t use ITunes. I am wondering if it is the same with other services like Amazon.