Idol Backtrack: Top 7 – Adam Lambert Is Born To Be Wild – He Walks the Walk and Talks the Talk!

We’ve reached Top 7 and the media was on fire the previous week from Adam Lambert’s masterful delivery of Mad World. I don’t know what they were raving about more – Adam’s singing, the fact that Simon Cowell was on his feet, or that the show ran over and many people missed Adam’s song because their DVR/VHS didn’t get it! Read here from CNN.

April 14, 2009 started “Songs From the Cinema” week with mentor Quentin Tarantino. Adam sang Born To Be Wild from Easy Rider. In the judge’s critique, this is when Simon may have had a premonition and opened the door to Adam being in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Personally speaking, this was one of my Top 3 Idol performances from Adam.

YouTube video Courtesy of thaatsmebabe

Special Treat – Born To Be Wild With Isolated Vocals
This rendition concentrates just on Adam’s incredible vocals. All music and background singers are barely there. A real treat!

YouTube video Courtesy of adamlabert_pic

Born To Be Wild – From Party City’s Halloween Bash – October 24, 2009 *Enhanced Version
Keep your eyes open later for this entire concert! But for right now, sit back and check this out.

YouTube video Courtesy of The Lambosessives’ Lair

Group Performance – Shake Your Body Down To the Ground – where everyone except Adam is wearing sunglasses
There’s a video interview floating around that I just saw 2 weeks ago where Adam said he couldn’t believe he was the only one without sunglasses for this performance. He joked that it was better because how could he make that sexy connection with the camera if he was wearing glasses? If anyone has that interview, please post a link in the comments below.

YouTube video Courtesy of Adam Lambert Argentina Latinglamberts

Ford Commercial – where Adam gets a taste of his next car

YouTube video Courtesy of Adam Lambert Argentina Latinglamberts

So this was the week that Matt Giraud got the “save” and next week we’ll say goodbye to two contestants. Hope it’s not Adam – ha ha!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. I could and do listen to Adam all day. Especially in my car. Never get tired of hearing that amazing voice and looking at that beautiful face.
    thanks for sharing Carol