Idol Backtrack: Top 4 Rock Week or Adam Lambert – Where He Belongs!!

Anyone who’s seen Adam Lambert perform live or even watched him on a YouTube clip knows the rock stage is where he belongs. Call it house, call it dance, call it pop, call it whatever you like – it’s all rock . . . and so is his performance!

Rock Week on Season 8 was May 5, 2009. A week truly created for two of the remaining 4 on American Idol. Adam and Allison Iraheta dominated the episode, climaxing with Adam’s OMG rock out to Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love. Adam brought the leather, the guyliner and the Rock God Attitude that slayed everyone, including celebrity mentor Slash.

First came the duets. I remember reading or seeing somewhere that when they announced duets, Adam and Allison immediately ran to each other leaving Danny Gokey and Kris Allen to pair up. I remember Kris saying he thought since they were roommates, that he would be singing with Adam. But nooo, Adam and Allison knew they were meant to be together – at least on the duet stage!

YouTube Video Courtesy of LexieeLambert

Isoloated Vocals
Top 4 – Adam & Allison – Slow Ride

YouTube Video Courtesy of adamlambert_pic

Whole Lotta Love
Where Adam gives us Skingraft and a nod toward his Tour jackets!

YouTube Video Courtesy of Adam Lambert Brasil

Whole Lotta Love – Isolated Vocals

YouTube Video Courtesy of adamlambert_pic

Top 4 Ford Commercial – Move Along

YouTube Video Courtesy of LexieeLambert

Top 4 Elimination
Watch through to the end where Allison talks about singing the duet and living in the house with Adam.

YouTube Video Courtesy of Numba1AdamLambertFan

And just because I love you all so much, this video captures the most delicious version of Whole Lotta Love that I’ve ever seen. And to have been with Lila and our good friend Glenda in the front row of the audience that night was the most thrilling concert moment I’ve had in too many years and concerts to count. It left me hoarse for 3 days! So, here’s the acoustic version of Whole Lotta Love that Adam conceptualized and rehearsed on the drive out to the desert and was not rehearsed by the band prior to the performance. The maker of this video used the best parts of several versions and created this masterpiece!

YouTube Video Courtesy of The Lambossessives’ Lair

Sorry, I’m worn out now. See you next week for Homecoming Week!
Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. mandytwo says

    Thanks for sharing Carol. I could watch Adam over and over. A friend of mine burned me a CD of all his songs on A. I. I have been listening to it for days in my car. I will always love Adam and I know you will too.

  2. He’s a “rock god” as we know haha. Love that he gets to scratch this itch with Queen. Wish he did more of this on his own, but it looks like he’s just not that into it.

  3. May 3,2017 @3:21 pm Hi Carol thanks for keeping us updated on Adam he is the best ever.My uncle and aunt and cousin came up from carolina last we and to make long story short suprised me with 2 tickets to see Adam in Newark I was so suprised I always wanted to see him but could’nt I can’t wait .Joann