Idol Backtrack: Top 10 – Adam Lambert Reveals His Playbook During Motown Week

Top 10 Week was when Adam Lambert started showing us his playbook for the Game of American Idol. Surviving a magnificent “indulgent rubbish” performance of Ring of Fire the week before, Adam introduced us to his laid-back style with his version of Tracks of My Tears.

We didn’t have enough weeks under our glittery belts yet to know all the changes that were about to happen in our lives. But after catching our breath from last week's Ring of Fire, we knew it was ‘gonna be good! Remember getting everything done after dinner in record speed so that you had the entire hour or two to watch American Idol, hopefully uninterrupted? We had to watch live or at least tune in at the end to catch his call-in/text number to vote.

Top 10 was the week Simon Cowell officially jumped on the "Adam Lambert World Superstar" bandwagon when he declared Adam had “THE best performance of the night.” And Michael Sarver went home.

I’ve included all the standard videos below, along with a few extras. Hope you like this jump back to March 25, 2009!

Love ya!

Carol ~

Tracks of My Tears
Video with Smokey Robinson mentoring and judges’ comments

YouTube Video Courtesy of AIS8rocks’s channel

Ford Video – Pocketful of Sunshine

YouTube Video Courtesy of Westvids

Making of Ford Video – Pocketful of Sunshine

YouTube Video Courtesy of scarlettleigh24

Top 10 Guilty Pleasures

YouTube Video Courtesy of scarlettleigh24

Group Performance & Results – Motown Medley

YouTube Video Courtesy of LexieeLambert

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  1. I love to hear ADAM sing. I remember this on AI and it was one of my favorite performances. He is beautiful inside and out. Thanks for sharing Carol

  2. This was fun to watch again. Thanks Carol.

  3. Love to remember where this all started!