Hey Now! Let’s Check In With Adam Lambert and His Down-Under Promotions!

Adam Lambert was recently in Australia and New Zealand to promote The Original High and announce his January 2016 concerts. He made the rounds of several TV and radio stations and gave some great interviews. In addition to talking all the regular topics (you know, filling in for Freddie Mercury, coming in 2nd, being gay, etc.) he also participated in many cute games and stunts.

Aug 2015 Down-Under promo

Among them, he held a note for 30 seconds, painted a still-life while on the air and revealed his personal preference on scrunching vs folding. You’ll have to listen for this one! He is so good-natured about accommodating all the zany requests. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to travel such a great distance, be under jet-lag conditions and then be asked to do a crazy stunt. The accents are strong and Adam seems to handle them with ease. Enjoy Adam’s trip down-under!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

Adam Lambert – Behind the Scenes – Tucking Into Some Hummus

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Adam Lambert Answers Fan Questions & Reveals What He Looks For In a Guy!

Adam Lambert on Sunrise Weekend – Interview & Ghost Town

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Adam Lambert on being ‘open, honest and proud’

Adam Lambert Talks Pants Disasters, Tinder and A Love of Kiwifruit

**BONUS** Not from Down-Under but a really great 21 minutes from Star 101.3!

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  1. Thank you for all the great interviews. Adam is great as ever. What a great personality. Amazing to listen to his interviews. Good looking, sings great and one smart person. Love him

  2. Thanks so much for putting all this together!!! You made my afternoon 🙂

  3. Hi there Adam Lambert! I am trying to decide if I like your natural color of hair? I kind of like it black. But you are still as good looking as always. And everyone needs a change once in a while! I like some of the album Ghost Town. Some of the songs are a bit dark. But you seem up beat so I won’t worry about it! Still love you! Always will. Take care Babe!

  4. Fun times with Adam, what great interviews!

  5. Lucynka Piotrowska says


  6. Eliane Brasil says

    Heeeey Lila and Glamsis!
    There’s a video by iHeart Radio NZ.