Happy Birthday Adam Lambert!! Now What the Heck Is Going On With Your Fan Club??!!

Dear Readers, 
I’m so happy for all the wonderful accomplishments Adam Lambert has achieved. The milestones he’s reached and the lasting changes he’s made in the world. I hope he’s extremely proud of himself and is taking joy in this. And to be honest, I’m happy for me also, that I still have such an appreciation for him and his talents. And that sometimes I still dream about him!

Yes, Adam, you are the dazzling prince that I STILL adore!! Photo by Carol Hagey

But I got an email this morning telling me about the changes (AGAIN!!) to his fan club membership. My birthday wish for Adam is to finally get a Fan Club that is managed with competence and provides real content for the fans.

Do you belong to AdamLambert.net? How’s everyone feeling about the new setup?  It says they’re changing from $10 yearly to $5 every month.  It doesn’t say what additional benefits would be included for the 600% increase in price.  They only refer to having communication CATEGORIES like Contests, Events & Fan Club Exclusives, etc, but that doesn’t say they are committed to providing any of these, or any new features, like LIVE IGs, Chats or Live Streams. There is no mention of what’s to come. It may be that they meant those things would happen, and only picky people like me find fault with their less-than-stellar writing ability. Sorry, didn’t mean to rant.

And to be honest, Adam has been pretty absent lately.  I know that he isn’t our puppet or property. But he loves his fans & wouldn’t want to disappoint them yet again by having lackluster Fan Club operation. Especially one that is now asking for real money. And when the fan club revamped last time, he promised more involvement.

The email has a link to Register for the new fan club. I click on the link and it gives a Member Sign In link. So I click it, fill in my email address But it comes back saying Not Found. So I click the Forgot Password link, put in my email address, and it says Not Found again. I had this same thing happen after they accepted my renewal in September 2021. I reached out for help and they answered with:

Before you can access the new fan club as an existing member, you will need to activate your new account using this link: (LINK REMOVED) Please do not click “Sign In” next to “Already have an account?”
You will need to provide a username, email address, and password when to activate your account on the new ALFC website. The reset password feature will not work until you’ve activated your new account.

I think these directions should have been in the first email, LOL!

This is NOT the message I wanted to put out for his birthday. 🙁  I’ll spend the day listening to his amazing music, watching fantastic videos and enjoying anything else I find about him that will take my mind off this mishigas!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. How his new fan club actually is an improvement!