Full Preview of Queen and Adam Lambert – Hour-Long Australian Special

It’s been well publicized that Queen + Adam Lambert have extended their upcoming world tour, adding Australia to the roster.
Adam and Queen Preview
Picture courtesy of queenonline.com

Australia’s Sunday Night On 7 has a full hour-long special coming up next week, and here we get a full preview. Thank you to Comunita Qneeniana for posting this version.

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. mandytwo says

    Thanks Carol, that was a great clip. Wish I could see them but I did see Adam in Fl at Hard Rock when he first started touring. I guess that will have to do. But to see him with Queen would really be amazing.

  2. Yvonne (aka) Glammer. says

    Hi Glamberts, woo hoo I have my ticket for the Melbourne concert. Last night I watched “Sunday Night” on channel 7 & the promo with Queen. I had a look for information on next weeks show but cannot see that it says the entire hour is a Queen interview. There maybe more information later on in the week.

  3. glamity58 says

    I am less than two weeks away from the Queen and Adam concert in Chicago. Although I hate to be the first show, I think it will be really interesting. Everyone will want to know how it went. I am hoping Adam kills it like he did before. I need to listen to my Queen CDs so I make sure I know the words. People will be singing.

  4. Thanks for this clip. Bet a lot of folks would like to drink his blood…lol. “We were quite good.” Oh yeah boys, you were the best!!! And really like Adam’s comment about the voice power because that’s the one thing that’s notably different. He has it on upper range but not on lower tones, but as he matures, Adam’s voice will actually get richer and fuller. Here’s to the best concert of 2014!!

  5. joyce ondrey says

    Thank you Carol for posting this Adam has kept you very busy thru the years,just think what is a head of you.

  6. So jealous of all of you going to see Adam and Queen live! Wish they were coming closer but I’m thrilled that he will be touring and watching his dreams come through!
    We’ll be welcoming lots of new fans too!