Fox’s Rocky Horror reboot to include @AdamLambert

Guess who is joining Fox’s Rocky Horror reboot? Our very own @adamlambert!


Check out what EW has to say:

“Because of course he is! Adam Lambert is joining Fox’s Rocky Horror Picture Show reboot.

“The Grammy-nominated singer and former American Idol has signed onto the network’s event movie remaking the 1975 midnight movie musical.”

Read the entire article here:


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  1. This will be great! But kind of hard to watch him get axed! LOL!

  2. The more I can see the happier I am. Can’t wait.

  3. But he should be Frank!!!

  4. They’ve just announced Tim Curry, the original Dr. Frank-n-furter, will be on it!

  5. I think he should be the lead as well, but we’ll take anything. I believe he sings one song and gets axed to death. I was hoping for more action in this role, but it’s a small one.