Flat Addy Friday: Visiting Adam Lambert’s Hometown

Flat Addy has decided to tour Adam Lambert’s hometown. We’ll take you along for the tour, including places we think Adam must have been!

HR Costume 14

With the previous posting of Flat Addy looking at some of Adam’s cover shots, we think he’s gotten a bit nostalgic. That explains his visit to the San Diego Hard Rock Hotel to visit his American Idol KISS finale costume. When Adam presented it on December 3, 2009, he had the flu and was visibly not feeling so well. So a visit back was called for!

HR Sign outdoors 2

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. Carol, we fans of Adam’s cannot thank you enough for your posts. When I can not attend an event, I look forward to reading about it from you, Thanks Shirlee Hickman

  2. Yvonne (aka) Glammer. says

    Lol. love your “flat Addy” never know where he’ll turn up next….
    here in Australia we call them ‘stand alones’…..and sometimes the music stores will save one for you…but, there’s never been one of Adam…..I think it’s great that his wardrobe is on show as well, keep up the great work……

    • Oh thank you so much Yvonne! We were starting to wonder if fans were enjoying our Flat Addy pieces. We try very hard to bring something new to this website that you won’t get elsewhere!

  3. Oh no, rest assured, Carol, we do enjoy everything you post here, including Flat Addy in particular! I don’t always make comments or get on here as quickly and often as I’d like, but I always take a look and LOVE what you do! Will Flat Addy be going to Vegas too? xx