Flat Addy Friday: Adam Lambert Takes a GLEEful Pause as a Lord of the Ring of Fire!

GLEE cast member Chris Colfer who plays Kurt Hummel, revealed on Live With Kelly And Michael what Adam Lambert’s upcoming role on the show will be. “Adam Lambert is joining the show, and he’s going to play my nemesis,” Chris said Aug. 7, while promoting his latest book. “I always wanted to see Kurt be mean.”

Frodo & Golum

And with that Adam Lambert 2D, or Flat Addy as we like to call him, began seeking out experiences to get the feel of what’s in store for him on the show. Here Flat Addy is checking out the light and dark side of Mordor. Frodo and Gollum can definitely teach Flat Addy something about the nemesis relationship!

People immediately thought Adam’s going to be a mean-guy on the show. This certainly would be a flavor of Adam we’ve never seen! But it doesn’t necessarily mean Adam’s character is taking the bee-yotch route, just that he may be strong competition for whatever professional endeavors Kurt is trying to settle into, post-McKinley High. I’d love to see a duet with Adam and Chris, or even a trio by bringing in Darren Criss (Blaine)! We’ll have to sit tight until November to see whatever GLEE has in store for us.

Love ya!


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  1. primeangle says

    If he had to be mean-guy, i hope it would be comedic in some sense. you know, you can be irritated and love him at the same time.

  2. I need a duet with Lea Michelle for sure, then all the rest is gravy. A trio with Chris and Blaine would be nice once he’s sung with Lea. They would be great together.

  3. This is totally so EXCITING! I’m a big fan of Glee & a TOTAL ADAM ADDICT!!!!
    The thought of being able to watch Adam on TV for a role in Glee…Makes my heart race & my blood pressure go through the roof !!! I cannot wait!
    I very excited about Adam working on new music…I just love & admire everything he does…he is truly talented…& i hope this stint on Glee helps expose his talent to the masses & allows him to soar into the universe of “MUSIC STARDOM”…that he so rightly deserves!
    XO Always…”ADAMICTED”!

  4. Lila Hayes says

    It will be fabulous to see him on TV again. I hope it’s a recurring role!