Fantastic Queen + Adam Lambert Review!

There have been so many almost-great reviews, but none of them have raved the way we fans know they should. Queen has been outstanding, and Adam Lambert has shown all of the doubters that he’s a powerhouse on stage.

Queen review

Here’s a review from serious fanboy Steven S Shaw for My Hyper Reality, that really brought satisfaction and peace to me. Let us know what you think too! I’ll start it below, but please click on the link for the whole piece. It’s filled with lots of great videos and pictures. And read some comments – you’ll be with your Glamily!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

Concert Review: On Queen’s New Tour, Adam Lambert Steals the Stage!

by StevenSShaw

Freddie Mercury may have passed away nearly 23 years ago, but his spirit is 1,000% present as Queen takes the stage with American Idol finalist the bone-chilling-jaw-droppingly talented Adam Lambert on their new international tour, billed as Queen + Adam Lambert. Walking into the Mohegan Sun arena in Uncasville, Connecticut, it was impossible not to feel the energy and excitement stemming from eager concert-goers. There were many in old Queen concert tees, but what shocked me the most was the vast age range of fans, all of whom ready to celebrate Mercury’s untouchable legacy.

The show opened with a duo of songs from their 1974 album Sheer Heart Attack, “Now I’m Here” and “Stone Cold Crazy,” respectively, and within the first new notes of the former, it was clear that Adam Lambert had been rebranded a rock God; his voice crescendoed and pierced through the audience and if there was anybody who might’ve been doubtful of Lambert’s vocal prowess — and ability to do justice to one of the greatest male voices in the history of recorded music — they were quickly turned a believer.

It was immediately clear that, although Lambert is not Freddie Mercury, he never claimed to be. He put his spin on a collection of Rock n’ Roll’s most treasured songs and proved that he is not only an exceptional talent, but a force to be reckoned with. These were some of the reactions from people within ear shot: “Wow, he’s amazing! I never would have guessed!” and “He fuckin’ rocks! Freddie would be proud!”

Some might even say that Lambert was made to front the greatest glam rock band of all-time; or, at the very least, in Mercury’s absence, was perfectly retrofitted for a job that was filled long before he was born.

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  1. not important says

    Could the man possibly get more gorgeous? Seriously he looks younger than when he was on Idol.

  2. @glitzylady says

    My favorite review ever!!!!

  3. mandytwo says

    Great review..thanks Carol for posting it. I guess the rest of the world is finally realizing what we have known all along. ADAM is the best!!!!!!!

  4. glamity58 says

    I did love this review. I’ve actually read a few more that were really awesome. Lyndsey Parker always writes great reviews of Adam and I wish I could remember a few more that were stellar. There are so many I can’t count. I leave comments at most of them. I think you’ll see my comments on this article. This tour has been better than awesome.

  5. I was at the Mohegan concert! I am a lifelong Freddie fan,and love Queen.Having seen Adam twice before I knew he’d be really good,but I have to say he reached a whole new level here.Absolutely amazing.If his new album has music along the lines of Queen;s songs(rock),I’m betting he will finally make it big with Amerian audiences and especially radio play.

    • I am a 64 year old Adam Lambert fan & grew up listening to Queen & Freddie Mercury. Two weeks ago I went to the Dallas concert & really haven’t landed yet. Adam is truly just amazing & I have a new respect for Queen. I felt like a giddy schoolgirl when I left the concert. Amazing experience. LOVED IT!

      • Lila Hayes Zubik says

        Funny, Carol and I were at that concert too with my sister-in-law named Jackie, who lives in Dallas! It’s a small world!

  6. Lache Chaed Archie says

    hi Adam lambert you come over my house i am your bigs fan i love your songs and music ok i name is lache chared archie i am grings high school ok its lache i am 19 yes old i be 20 years old ok

  7. Lache Chaed Archie says

    plass wite back ok adam lambert plass i your bigs fan ok

  8. I agree with all of you. Saw the show in Montreal…..

  9. Mary Virsila says

    What a great review & great comments. Adam Lambert is a gift to the universe & all of us who saw what a great talent he was from the first moment we saw him on American Idol makes all of us Glamberts so proud to have been a part of his journey. Rock on Adam!!!!

  10. Glamberr says

    I agree with the article and the other posts. I took my older sister with me to the Queen + Adam Lambert concert in Detroit. It took me 5 hrs. to get there, but I would drive 24 hrs. to see them again, mainly Adam. Everyone in Detroit was giddy like a kid after the concert. I also have been a fan of Adam’s since Idol. I have stood up for him on the radio when I had requested his songs. Adam is a talent like no other. Maybe more people in the USA will listen to his music now. This is my fourth concert with Adam. I go to every one within 24 hr. drive. Can’t wait for new music and concerts from him. Love Adam…