EXCLUSIVE: What Would Adam Lambert’s Name Be If He Was a Girl?

Yesterday morning my girlfriend Ellen (@Vudoobird) texted me that Eber (Adam’s father) answered her in a Tweet. I immediately smiled for her and went to find it. I then threw in my own comment, then thought of an immediate question for Eber, which he very graciously answered back to!

Would he sing the same if he was a girl? No, that’s not the question, read below!

Follow the Tweetsation below and you’ll find out something I don’t think we’ve ever learned before – our own exclusive!!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

Now we know – Erika! Thank you very much Eber!

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  1. Janet Bilicki says

    Very neat…..I didn’t know Neal’s baby was8 born.

  2. I don’t think Neil’s baby has been born yet.

  3. Lila Hayes Zubik says

    Very fun-fact!