Drag Queen Trixie Mattel Disses Adam Lambert on RuPaul’s Drag Race Allstars!

Adam Lambert returned to RuPaul’s Drag Race Allstars as a mentor/judge and got a reception no one ever anticipated for the pro! The five remaining Allstars had to form a pop group on the March 1 episode, each creating a character and writing their own lyrics. They competed against 5 eliminated contestants who did the same.

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Along with Adam, were Freddy Scott and Leland, two other industry pros. But Allstar Trixie Mattel wasn’t haven’t anything served from any of the mentors.

*EDIT: We’re looking for a new video. In the one we saw, the drama began at 3:50 when Trixie announces to the others on her team “if you guys have, like a note for me, just like write it down and then burn it and never say it.” He then goes into singing his song and rebukes suggestions made by all mentors. Check out Adam’s facial expressions!

Performance review – just Adam:

In the following Billboard Pride article, more is revealed. I was surprised that Trixie was saying that Adam was totally hot and sexy. Of course we know that’s true, but on the show Trixie didn’t give any sign he felt that way. Maybe there’s more in deleted scenes?

From: Trixie Mattel Talks ‘Drag Race’ Shocker & Humiliating Encounter With Adam Lambert:
In an exclusive interview with Billboard Pride, Trixie Mattel, the drag star recounted what went down behind the scenes — and also talked about her mortifying encounter with guest judge Adam Lambert (“I haven’t been that humiliated by a guy in eyeliner since I was at the MAC counter.”).

I’m so shook! But first, why does Adam Lambert hate you?

That is so funny because I just turned to my boyfriend and I said, “Can I ask you a question? Why does Adam Lambert deliberately try to come and snatch my wig and my edges?” I’m sorry, when a drag queen looks you square in the eyes and makes a joke about gender roles, it’s a f—ing joke, Linda. I haven’t been that humiliated by a guy in eyeliner since I was at the MAC counter.

The other problem is if he did think I was stand-offish, he’s also stunning. So if anything I was probably just paralyzed by how sexual he is in real life, he’s so hot. I didn’t think he was hot when he was like, you know, his American Idol days or whatever, but when I saw him in real life I was like, “Oh my god, you’re like a sex machine.”

But I’m bummed, because I feel like I could have possibly come out topping that challenge if I wouldn’t have gotten that negative critique but you know what? He’s out to end me and everything I stand for and that’s his prerogative.

Click here for the article in full.

Love ya!

~ Carol ~
P.S. Sorry if I got the pronouns wrong. I’m just not sure what to use when a drag queen isn’t in costume!

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  1. Janet Morse says

    What bothered me is that Trixie kept it going in the Billboard interview, claiming Adam was out to “end” her and everything she stands for. I was shocked to read that, especially since if she knows anything about Adam she knows that he loves his queens. And she was incredibly salty during his mentoring session. She deserved everything she got and I think he was awfully nice to her during his critique, suggestion simply that she might want to consider collaborating in the future.

    • Adam goes way out of his way to avoid drama. It wasn’t only Adam but both of the other coaches that were having trouble with her. I’m going to put this on Ru for not editing that out. I’m never watching that show again.

  2. Itsallgoodfam says

    Does literally no one understand Trixie’s sense of humour? Everything she said was in jest. Even her Billboard interview is 100% her basically saying “None of what I said was malicious, I just make jokes, here is another joke.” Her comedy is all about quick wit and on the spot references/word play. She was just having fun.

  3. I too love Trixie and Maze and Trixie together is the best! The “torture blind double date was pretty good. The Chloe Lucifer role reversal was fun even if it did seem like Chloe went a little too far for her character.

  4. Lila Hayes Zubik says

    What a fun episode! We’ve been watching all season so it was a great bonus to have Adam on.