Did Roger Taylor Spill The Beans and Reveal a Queen Summer Tour With Adam Lambert?

The gates of heaven have opened and I can hear the angels singing their praise! No, I’m not a religious person but I can’t think of any other phrase to describe what I just heard on a radio interview with Roger Taylor, Queen’s drummer.

Pix credit – Just Jared

Not only does Roger reveal he and Brian love Adam Lambert “to bits” but he let it slip that they may do a summer tour with Adam!

But did you also hear what I sadly heard? During this interview, released by England’s Unreality TV on October 4, 2013 (TODAY!), he says they “worked with Adam Lambert the other day for MTV Europe” which makes me think this is an old interview being rehashed. Was he referring to the EMAs in November 2011? I don’t think Adam was secretly in Europe over the past few days, but I’m still going to keep my fingers crossed and hope there’s more to come from this fabulous combination of musical supremacy!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. Lila Hayes says

    We’ll all keep our fingers crossed!!!

  2. That interview is after the EMA’s. It is old and was referring to last summers tour.

  3. This alas, is an old interview aired right after the EMAs! Sorry, folks!

  4. This whole interview sounds old–prior to the Queen rock band tour with Mark.

  5. Yvonne (aka) Glammer. says

    woo hoo lets hope it includes Australia

  6. It is old, but we can still hope. Why can’t they just do a few shows inbetween Adam working on his album. These guys are getting old and we need to see them. I just saw the Moody Blues tonight and they were great. Graeme Edge is 72 and Justing and John are late 60s. But time is running out.


  7. daydreamin says

    It is old. Roger is talking about performing at the EMA’s and the summer tour is the Kiev etc summer. I wish there were more Queenbert tours but I think Adam really wants to concentrate on making new music but that’s just my opinion for what it’s worth.

  8. Anywhere Adam Tours if fine with me! I just wish I could see him in the flesh! Wooh, that made me sweat to just say that! I love him and always will. Keep grooving Adam! Love you. Sherry K

  9. That would be so AWESOME….:)

  10. Oh my GOD you guys! I just saw your post “Lord of the Ring” or something, you don’t have any idea how true or real that is, do you… just like one of my friends compared herself to Gollum when it comes to the Trespassing album… lol! So basically, the Lord was in Dacia (modern Romania), which means “Land of Wolves” (the totem of the red-haired inhabitants of Atlantean/Divine origin). They (we) loved him deeply, a kind of cult. However, the way it is remembered, is that he freely gave way to Jesus. And Jesus, is said, will descend again via “The Tower of the Moon” (i.e. the Muslim religion) – Allah is a Moon god who is married to the Sun, and his daughters are the Stars. This marriage is the same symbol as the Duat (King David and Prince Jonathan), and the Sun/Star/Moon connection in LotR (also a freemason symbol – of which I wish people would stop being so scared, because it’s just something that belongs to all of us, as a cultural inheritance, not something restricted to some group). You can see the Stars over Adam’s head when he played the Vampire in “Pretty Little Liars”. The Stars are resurrected Humans (lightbody/energy form). In Egypt this is called “the Fields of Aaru” and in Greece “Elysian fields” (place of Heroes/Horus/Eros–souls in love). Egyptian culture is based on older Thrace/Dacia, via Sumer. In Sumer these things (like Queen/Goddess Ishtar) were already old. Love wins over Glamour… pay attention to these things, and forget the cult because it doesn’t help anybody. It just creates more victimisation. Everything is energy, but the planet is unbalanced, and so everyone seeks to feed on energy. Love is the only thing that protects the soul from being vampirized and being a vampire in turn. Notice how Adam keeps pointing up when singing something especially powerful: this refers to how the World Axis should be pointing up to the Draco constellation (Red Dragon=resurrected humans). Oh and Adam is a name meaning “Atlantean Man” in the old language. (Did he say he likes ELVES??? I think I died in that moment! lol! Elves! Well, they are married upon first recognition/consummation of mutual desire, so this is really weird right now…)

  11. Oh, and as for the nemesis… “All desire is mediated by a rival (you don’t want something for itself, but because someone else has it) – EXCEPT purely biological desires”… Saved by the Bell! LOL! (Sorry, I was raised by a television too). This actually ties in with old power struggle that kept gays from being HAPPY. Whenever they got together, in the ancient world, they had to mask it with a “philosophical” ideal, that “helped society” by passing on information (arts, medicine, sports, etc) from gods to mortals. Sex was really frowned upon because it was considered two things: dark side (and Titans were banned), and feminine (and women were second-class citizens). Boys were considered NOBODY if they didn’t seek the favours of a god. It was double the fine if you raped a “free citizen” as opposed to a “mere slave”… The men usually parted ways because monogamy was like “ha ha ha, he carried the calf and now he has to lift the bull”. They condemned rape and inequality openly, but supported it nevertheless, and supported denial of loneliness (due to this “philosophical” take on same-sex love, “look but don’t touch”, “be inspired but channel it into pure friendship”). Love was hailed as the most precious asset, but there was no way to reach it. The other side, disrespected, emerges as pure lust.
    So at the end of the day, soulmates are MATES, sexually, not friends (Plato had Ideas… STUPID ideas! Platonic Ideas are nothing more than PEDESTALS – these Pedestals are in operation to this day, in our relationship to the Stars and even to those close to us). By denying this aspect, the energy is sucked into seeking the favours of those whom we perceive as “higher”, to validate us, make us “someone”. Regardless of the fact that they might not give a damn about us (as many of those “legends” don’t give two shits about Adam and what is essentially his beautiful soul). Wondering how much of this will make it into Glee… I’ve seen it in Great Gatsby, I recognize it everywhere now…

  12. Just left a comment for Brenda on the previous thread, I am going to drop in here regularly again now as the site I have been using is so bitch and uncontrolled.
    Carol and Co you are still doing a wonderful job. Like you my passion for Adam is as strong as it was over 4 years ago. Your site was my first connection to Adam way back then and I really appreciated it. I met two girls here in NZ that I never would have otherwise. What a journey of ups n downs its been at times, hasn’t it. I was Glamb 483. I think. Nice to be back.

    • Lila Hayes says

      It’s great to see you back! Things certainly have changed quite a bit over the years, but Adam is still amazing!