Did Adam Lambert Get Inked . . . Again?!?

The entire AdamLambertForceMedia always takes notice of any teeny weeny change that goes on with Adam Lambert. Remember when he shaved the side of his head? How it exploded! The media, not his head!!

miami pillow

Other than a little chatting on his official website, why can’t I find anything about this new tattoo that I spotted from the pictures last weekend in Miami Beach? It’s on his right, upper wrist and seems to be a triangle-shaped design with capital letters on it. I spotted it from a photo Adam tweeted on Saturday.

Anyone know anything about this??

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. Deb Brown says

    http://adamlamberttv.blogspot.com/2013/03/pictures-of-adam-lamberts-new-tattoo.html It was last month.

    glitzylady said…
    I posted this on an earlier thread today, right after I saw Adam’s new tat on twitter..but I just wanted to post it here again..because I loved THIS description of “LUSUS NATURAE”:

    Okay, I REALLY like the Oxford Dictionary’s (UK edition) example and definition of LUSUS NATURAE: perfect!!!!!

    Pronunciation: /?lu?s?s n??tj??ri?, -r??/

    Definition of lusus naturae
    noun (plural same /-su?s/ or lususes)
    a freak of nature:
    “they said he was wonderful, surprisingly fit, a lusus naturae”

    Latin, literally ‘a sport of nature’


    I would agree with all of that..Adam is RARE, He is WONDERFUL, surprisingly fit..and UNIQUE: A Freak Of Nature..


  2. He’s had that tattoo for awhile now. It says ‘Lusus Naturae’ which translates to ‘Freak of Nature”.

  3. Random Medley says

    It’s about 1 1/3 months old. It says “Freak of Nature” with a triangle. I think he got it in Singapore.

  4. glamity58 says

    I know about his “Freak of Nature” tatoo. I didn’t think it was there. I’m not sure anymore, but it must the one. If he got another one we’d hear about it.

  5. Nice!

  6. What language is it in?????

    Glamb 616

    • I have looked at dozens upon dozens of pics of
      Adam on facebook and several other websites and had never noticed a new tattoo. Personally, I really like tats, have four of them myself. Maybe I didn’t notice because I was looking to hard at his beautiful, georgeous face and on down his “body” to notice his wrist.

  7. number8gurl says

    he’s had that tat for over a month. I think he got it overseas during WAG tour. It means ‘freak of nature’.

  8. That’s not new…it got it in Asia a month or two ago. He also seems to have a new tattoo on a finger, which is more recent.

  9. Lucynka Piotrowska says

    Hello everyone! I would like to say one little thing to Adam- you are so handsome, please do not do anymore! You are to amazing. Best whishes.L:)

  10. I must agree with you Lucynka!!! I personally don’t like tattoos and hate to see Adam keep getting them. Sorry tattoo lovers! Just my personal opinion.