Celebrate Adam Lambert’s Favorite Time of Year – Halloween!

We’ve heard for years how much Adam Lambert loves Halloween. From the dressing up to the makeup to the partying with friends, it’s his favorite time. Enjoy looks from this week back to the past of some of Adam’s most creative moments.

Thank you to all the gatherers of these iconic captures!

Let’s start with the most recent on Saturday, October 26th. For some reason, Adam has received a lot of negative press for this outfit. Some are claiming he’s “Looking just slightly more goth than usual.” Excuse me folks, if you really knew Adam, you’d know he isn’t goth! Is Adam paying the price for setting the bar too high? Maybe he just wanted a night off. Let’s see how well those bloggers would do.

Halloween black leather full walking

Just the night before, Adam was a guest at Fred and Jason’s Halloweenie Holiday Concert. It’s so nice that his beautiful peacock-flavored genie from Life Ball gets another turn.
Halloween Genie 2

Let’s take a peek at the Red Carpet Video for this event where Adam gets a little playful! “A smile? Maybe if you rub my lamp!” At the end, he gives some very sound advice to others who are struggling with coming out issues. At first it sounds a bit flippant, but then he turns it around really speaks from the heart about it.

Now let’s spend some time looking at some of his historic looks. What’s your favorite?

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

Burning Man
Halloween Burning Man 2

Halloween history

Crawl Through Fire at The Zodiac
Halloween Crawl Through Fire

With KISS on American Idol, May 2009
Halloween KISS

With Catherine Hardwicke, Twilight Director
with Catherine Hardwicke

If I Had You video shoot
Halloween IIHY video shoot

With Cheeks, photography by Lee Cherry
Halloween Cheeks Lee Cherry Photography

Halloween Just Jared

Not sure where this is from!
Halloween 2

Pretty Little Liars
Halloween PLL
Halloween PLL 3

Last year – 2012
Halloween 2012 smile

Halloween 2012 full shot red carpet

All that started right here!
Halloween 1

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  1. Lucynka Piotrowska says

    Hmm… He is always charm and amazing. Love him:).

  2. Love that Zodiac show look,He was carefree and confident .

  3. Lila Hayes says

    Well, he always did love to dress up! A great collection of costume photos, thanks Carol!

  4. Yvonne (aka) Glammer. says

    that pic. is from Halloween when he was with cheeks, not sure of the year though….. Every pic. is a great pic. No one does it better than Adam…..thanks…

  5. Valerie (aka Glambert1750) says

    Love the look from the Zodiac and the one with the long blond braids and zebra leggings. Adam must’ve partied a bit too much in his black leather outfit because he forgot to zip up his fly (I can’t be the ONLY one who noticed???) It was definitely zipped in other photos from earlier in the evening when he was accompanied by his female friend.

    • It’s really pretty hard to answer this because Adam seems to be able to pull off anything. I love him in the top-hat & tails & love the ones where he’s getting “vampiry.” I have for many years been fascinated with vampires & Adam is definitely one of the sexiest I have seen. The zodiac thing is hot but my favorite has to be the last one of him looking like a itty-bitty vampire. So cute. Thanks for the pics!


  7. This is great!!! Thanks for putting this together. I like the latest peacock-flavored genie the best!!

  8. All these are Glambert Great!!!! Love anybody who will be themselves over and over. But Adam IS my all time FAVORITE!!!! Loved him since the IDOL days and will continue to love and dream about him and his next album, calendar, series role, everything he does, I Love!!!!