Break In at Adam Lambert’s Closet?!?!

***This is all in good fun!

Something came out of Adam Lambert’s closet, and it wasn’t Adam this time!

Duo Red Jacket

Do we need to alert Fashion Police? Not everyone can get away with wearing a Dragon Attack jacket. Jennifer Lopez actually tried to get away with this at Sunday night’s Billboard Music Awards. And as we all know, you’ve got to be fierce to pull this one off. Do you think Jenny From the Block was fierce enough?

Immediately, twitter was on fire talking about the blazing red faux pas.

So, what do you all think?

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. Leilani aloha says

    Adam wears it BETTER!!! Adam’s the trailblazer!!!

  2. I think Adam looks hot in that get up..He looks good in a garbage sack though 🙂 Truly i like it……

  3. Oh yes, I would pick Adam over JLo anyday! He looked fantastic at the American Idol finale, just wish we saw more of him…I have to admit I turned it off after seeing him, was disappointed that Angie wasn’t in the final. AI hasn’t been the same since Adam entertained us and made us fall in love with him!

    • I agree totally with E1. I haven’t even watched it since season 8 with Adam. Oh, I did watch the finale last week, but could have taken Adam by himself better. Not that I don’t think Angie was very good, I do. It’s just that Adam is so much more fun to look at. That’s the truth & for any Glambert I think they know it too. As far as JLo looking hot…………………………well, she doesn’t hold a candle (in my book) next to Adam. One more thing, I think that sometimes I get into looking at him more than concentrating on his music and voice. I think last Thursday his voice was truly beautiful. Hope he will be around a very long, long, time to “Entertain Us”. And I think we all have no doubt he will be. Love him to pieces and more.

  4. This picture of Adam is so enticing and seducing. So edgy indeed. Like the typical male of Lady Gaga’s BAD ROMANCE. Ha-ha-ha. With flair and flamboyance, but also looks daring and menacing. More, more, more from Adam. You’re so palatable and spicy. A different kind of taste. A different kind of existence. So engaging and mesmerizing.

  5. Has anyone noticed what a fashion trendsetter Adam is? That red feather jacket was made for him a year ago when he performed with Queen. He wore it again on the VH1 Divas and since then, Glee used his idea and now JLo. Can’t performers come up with their own ideas?

  6. What about Matt Bellamy in MUSE’s Panic Station video???

  7. Maggie Magoo says

    Adam looks cuddly. JLo…itchy.

  8. Adam is a doll. And he always will be. I saw something on the computer the other day comparing The King Elvis and Adam. It was really cool. I defintely think they could make a movie about Elvis with Adam Lambert playing Elvis. That would be cool.