Adam Lambert’s Velvet Side A – It’s OUT and Super Smooth!

Adam Lambert’s Velvet Side A debuted last night and is already receiving raves! Currently, it’s #7 on iTunes, fans are bragging on Twitter and write ups are everywhere. Have you heard it? Check it out on Spotify, Amazon Music, or your favorite music streamer.

Photo courtesy Adam Lambert, Twitter

This is clearly the most consistent album Adam has put out. Where he wanted something from everywhere on his past 3 albums, number 4 stands out as a clear musical story.

Billboard has already announced it “the Star’s Best Work Yet!” Start reading here and click at the bottom for more.

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

Adam Lambert’s ‘Velvet: Side A’ Is the Star’s Best Work Yet

By Stephen Daw,

Ever since we met him on American Idol, Adam Lambert has never been resistant to change. Whether it was changing his look, changing his career path, or even changing his sound, the 37-year-old star has always made it a point to keep himself mutable.

On the singer’s latest, Velvet: Side A, that mutability pays off in spades; the new six-track EP (or rather the first half of a greater album itself, as the title suggests) sees Lambert taking on a funk-driven, ’70s rock sound that is unlike anything in his past work. Taking an old sound and making it fresh for a modern audience is a tough sell — but Lambert pulls it off almost effortlessly here. 

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  1. Lila Hayes Zubik says

    You’re right, super smooth! Very nice!!!