Adam Lambert’s In-Flight Twitter Party

While @adamlambert was flying back from New York on Saturday, February 2nd where he was honored with the Unity Award from Nile Rodger’s WeAreFamilyFoundation, he held a Twitter Party to stay in touch with the fans.

Unity Award

Thank you to AdamLambertNews 24/7 for the full transcript. Just between you and me, the questions weren’t very searching. Maybe he only answers the more sedate questions, even though he asks Glamberts to be creative? But we did get a few new things to add to our lists!

What would you ask?

Love ya!
~ Carol ~

Adam Lambert Twitter Party FULL TRANSCIPT!

1. @adamlambert: Twitter party?!
2. Q: @KittiMars: why you are so rarely write here?
A: what? Lol
3. Q: @styleandchiche whats your favorite kind of cheese?
A: goat I think
4. Q: ng @AlexxxLong Ain’t no party like a Twitter party.
A: cuz a twitter party don’t stop! Hey! although my phones got 15% battery so….
5. Q: @spindlespindle1 ? Account Protected
A: no- headed back to LA now. Got work to do back in LA this week. Bummed I’m missing it. Especially the Blonds show.
6. Q: @izzyglambert122 TRESPASSING TOUR!?
A: guys- I thought I explained this- but unfortunately there won’t be a world trespassing tour. 🙁
7. No Question: Adam Tweet: I’m grateful for all the promo travel around the US & UK this year as well as some other areas. We celebrated Trespassing so fantastically!
8. No Question: Adam Tweet: I’m super motivated about future recordings!! Ready to create more for you guys!! So many ideas!!!! Fuck yeah! 🙂
9. Q: @wutismylf I’m glad I was able to see you in San Francisco this summer at Golden Gate Park. I’m sad there is no Trespassing tour.
A: that was a fun show. Don’t worry- ill tour again soon enough. it’s gonna be even more fun w two albums worth of Un toured songs
10. No Question: Adam Tweet: 8% more battery life 🙁
11. Q: @VioletJem Where’d you get your shiny new sweater?
A: got that gold cardigan from the fab JOYRICH
12. Q: @MadieGuillen did Shady feel complete with Sam and Nile by your side? 🙂
A: it was such an overdue moment! We had a blast. They’re both so so so talented.
13. Q: @vivaorequeijao where’s the charger?
A: I’m on a plane!
14. No Question: Adam Tweet: Found the outlet! Lol ok. But guys : u gotta throw me some more original questions. Lol
15. Q: @Davieboi21 and those well fitting pants u wore to the Gala? Where are those from? I need them.
A: leather pants from “tues night band practice”
16. Q: @Johanna286 Fav character in True Blood? 😉
A: Lafayette. Duh
17. Q: @Glambert0124 if you discovered a new species, what would you name it?
18. Q: @Cazglambert_ Why haven’t you ever sang runnin live????
A: cuz I haven’t felt like it. #fulldisclosure
19. Q: @judyjudy26 Where can we get FYE on vinyl?
A: I’m pretty sure u can order it in my online store dear.
20. Q: @DephCorreia how do you style your hair? What products? Follow me?
A: ha. Moroccan oil, then I use a hair dryer and small round brush, little wax or cream and some hairspray to finish.
23. Q: @LollyKRR97 what advice would you give to an aspiring young
A: more hairspray.
24. Q: @kailey_g can you call me dear so I can die happy
A: oh dear
25. Q: @LadyBlueEyes617 will you be getting any more tattoos
A: yeah . Once I find something else I like
26. Q: @Auntie_Snix21 What would you say to a fan trying to stop self-harming over issues with their sexuality? Please? I know it’s rough but……
A: honestly? Invest in talking to a professional. Therapy is really really helpful.
27. Q: @xHollyGlambertx Would you say you are an instagram addict? 😉
A: no. I’m an enthusiast.
28: Q: @Colfgronic Would you consider yourself to be a stronger dancer or actor?
A: prob a stronger actor
29. Q: @SchatzAndCat Are ur legs shaved?
A: nope lol
30. Q: @min0rsurgery what’s the name of the artist who did your shoulder piece? Or what studio did you get it done at?
A: Gabe in Hong Kong.
31. Q: @YetzyGlambert would you ever shave all your head?
A: nope.
32. Q: @SabraJo Do you have any idea, that you care to share, abt the direction/essence of the new album?
A: lots of ideas. When I’m ready to share, I will. 🙂
33. Q: @edatheweirdo I know you haven’t found Les Miserables impressing but which role would you take if you had the chance?
A: ha. I didn’t say I didn’t like it. Just thought some singing was sub par. There really isn’t a role for me in it.
34. Q: @GreenTeaWHoney How’s your Mom doing? She is awesome 🙂
A: my mom is awesome. 🙂 I swear she looks more gorgeous everyday! She loves to go for good walks w her cute pup Charlie
35. Q: @xandriamorden favourite musical you were casted in?
A: Hair was cool. Really love the themes of that musical.
36. @cupcakez_18 something you wanna accomplish within the new year?
A: new music!!!
37. Q: @lambosessed What’s the last thing that shocked you?
A: that movie “THE PAPERBOY” was shocking. And really sexy.
38. Q: @adamFANamber What do you think of Justin Timberlake’s new music?
A: I like JTs new jam. It’s got a cool vibe.
39. Q: @Glamfate got any bad habits? 🙂
A: plenty
40. Q: @BetterAsYoux Do you believe in life after death?
A: some sort of extension of spiritual existence.
41. Q: @Workin_Girl Was it harder for you to turn 30 or 31?
A: 30 was more of a mindfuck
42. No Question: Adam Tweet:: Aiight ! Great Q&A. 😉 catch ya later gurl.

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  1. Love it when he has fun tweeting with fans! Thanks for posting!

  2. Dear Carol,
    So glad you start this for all us Adam’s fans. I hope that I can meet you sometime.

  3. I wish someone would ask him if there is any chance of a Queen DVD or why it didn’t happen. Do you think he’ll take off all summer to write more music? I hope not. I don’t see why he can’t tour a little and write inbetween. I’d like to see more concerts with Queen.

  4. I will be bummed if I don’t get to see him in concert this year.

  5. Just so seriously disappointed that there will be NO. TRESPASSING TOUR! Damn, damn, damn! How long do the U.S. have to wait?!? My Glamnation tour shirt will b worn out by the time he tours again! I’ve said it b 4 the US is being neglected/forgotten about and it’s a cryin shame!

  6. cory-coral says

    le hacen por twitter conversaciones superficiales y estupidas, , con otros artixtas yo les hago preguntas y conversaciones profundas que los haga pensar y los aconsejo a que hagan publicidad buena y que no sean ignorantes y mucho menos hacrese tatuajes para propagar emfermedades de transmicion sexual y que un inocente se infecte

  7. How does one get a question to Adam?