Adam Lambert’s Drummer – The One He’d Turn For (Maybe!) – Featured on This Week’s Late Night with Seth Meyers!

I was catching up on some video and up popped Monday night’s Late Night with Seth Meyers (I love the monologues!). If you watch the show, then you know that most nights while the show’s original drummer Fred Armisen is absent, he has guest drummers filling in.

Screen cap by Carol Hagey

This week’s guest drummer is none other than Michel’Le (Mee-shell-lay) Baptiste, Adam Lambert’s drummer for the Velvet one-off shows he did in December and hopefully for the tour starting in April. She’ll be on the rest of this week so Adam will get some more publicity for Velvet in her introductions.

Because I love Seth, I won’t scold him too much for the 2 mistakes he made in Michel’Le’s introduction, which went like this. “…currently playing with singer/songwriter Adam Lambert, whose self-titled album is out now…” Okay, first, the album is titled Velvet. Come on dude! You’re holding the album photo that clearly says Velvet, LOL! And second, it’s not out until March 20th. But we love any promotion!

Now, are you wondering about the headline above? When Lila and I saw Adam’s El Rey Theatre Velvet show, while introducing the band, he said he was in love with the drummer, Michel’Le and he’d turn for her . . . maybe! Such a joker getting our fantasies running wild! Here’s the video I shot that night, that starts out with the band intro.
Video by Carol Hagey

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. Carol God Bless you as always sharing our Adam Lambert. He is always beautiful.

  2. Lila Hayes Zubik says

    He’s can be such a funny guy!