Adam Lambert’s Best Contestant Moments on American Idol

Now that American Idol has kicked off its final season, let’s take a step back and remember Adam Lambert as the contestant who knocked the show off its bearing and changed it forever.
1-10-16 Idol Best Moments
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Enjoy this step back through Season 8, compiled by rw1234rwrw1234rw. This is what the current contestants need to see. Their genre doesn’t matter. Just give us this level of performance. If you watched the show last week, you saw a few of the former Idol stars pictured during the auditions. I love the respect Adam receives with this!

1-10-16 Adam Card on Idol
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My two cents: As I watched it got me thinking. Remember all of Simon Cowell’s knocking of Adam on Country Week with Ring of Fire? Something about people throwing their television sets out the window! But was Adam’s brilliant version of If I Can’t Have You during Disco Week any closer to the genre? I don’t think so, but it was a mainstream version, so no criticisms from Cowell. Hypocrite?

I can’t believe there isn’t similar talent to Adam’s out there. Not someone like Adam, but still a talent, just the same. My suspicion is the producers/judges of the early rounds of the auditions don’t put those contestants through. Thankfully Adam made it through, and hopefully someone else will emerge this season.

So let’s forever be thankful there was an American Idol show, because it gave us Adam Lambert, which gave many of us a new course in life. Adam got a new course in his life too. He’s now a worldwide star! If he was still on the Los Angeles stages, how many of us would have missed him? And don’t you think Roger Taylor and Brian May are thankful too?!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. one good woman says

    This is awesome! A great reminder of why I voted for him! Thanks

  2. ellen gomberg says

    Adam did bring back Music Again for lots of us, plus a whole new group of friends !

    EVER AND FOREVER… FORGET WHO WON THAT YEAR.. What has the winner done with a career since then?? I see his cd’s in a local pharmacy/drugstore for $1.99.
    I am hoping that they will bring Adam back for the show this year..

  4. Lila Hayes Zubik says

    He’s one in a million! I’m grateful the show brought us all together!

  5. He really was the best contestant AI ever had on the show. No one could compare to him after he was on. I really do not get how the other guy won. That was a real shock. I could not even pick one performance I liked best cause I loved them all. I agree with Lila if it was not for ADAM we would not be on this website right now. Thanks to both of you Carol and Lila.

  6. And I never would have met so many amazing & wonderful new friends, including Carol & Lila.. And others who I met through this blog way back when in the days before Adam’s first headlining concerts, before his Glam Nation Tour and so many more events shared with friends over the years. .. Adam was “the one” then and he still is, 7 years later.. I’ve watched Idol for a good many of the seasons and he is still the most astonishing and riveting artist to have come out of American Idol for me. Adam being on Idol was literally life changing for me and so many others.. My life was just fine before but the years since Idol Season 8 have been some of the most enjoyable ever.. I won’t even start about the many adventures I’ve shared with new friends, who have become close and cherished. Looking forward to what comes next.. whatever that may be here in Adam Lambert Land!

  7. Thank you for the article . So right on !
    I forced my husband to see his glam nation show in Hawaii. He still would not admit what a talent he was . My husband is stuck in the 6o’s ! Then we went to I Heart, just to listen to Queen with ADAM . Well, that changed everything , for my husband ! That performance made all the performers prior pale in comparison ! We then went to 3 US tours with Queen, each better than the last . Finally, the climax , their performance in London on New Years eve . Unbelievable !!! We then went to Kraków , stood in line hours b/4 the performance just to get up close . People went crazy ! Even my husband, so much so , he made a DVD of both concerts !!!
    I believe even Simon said , ADAM will be an international star . I believe he knew this the moment ADAM stepped onstage !
    Now , if only the rest of the entertainment world , at least in the US, can acknowledge this , once in a lifetime talent , it would be a perfect world 🙂

  8. It would make no sense for producers to not let through talented singers even if they were different. The truth is there just isn’t another Adam Lambert out there. His talent is unique and original.

  9. carol you did it again that was so terrific ,adam showed them all and is the best idol ever thanks again

  10. I bought a CD on line of all of his performances on Idol years ago & after watching this clip of them brought back all the great moments that had made me a fan. He was great then, but now he is super fabulous & compares to no one else out there. He has grown tremendously over the years & only got better. The world needs to recognize this great talent & give him the recognition he deserves on this side of the ocean. He is just one super talented human being.

  11. I still watch Season 8 sometimes. I purchased a video through Stellar Products that had his season on it. It is really great. I know he was the best contestant of all time.